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The Real Question is...Silk Flowers or Real Flowers for Your Flower Crown Making Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 12/18/18 9:49 AM

You have been looking high and far for activities for your bachelorette party weekend! We hope you had come across Fetes de Fleurs before reading this post but if this is your first time by here we want to say WELCOME LADIES! We are a flower party business where we host fun, floraly events for celebrations like bachelorette parties, weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, etc. You name it- we can come to your hotel, airbnb, event space, house, etc to setup our signature flower bar and then we teach your group how to make flower crowns. We do other floral activities as well but our main schtick tends to be flower crown parties where we help groups make flower crowns as a fun bachelorette party activity.

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Event Activation Ideas for 2019: Flower Crown Bars & Build a Bouquet Bars

Posted by Ali Powell on 12/14/18 9:45 AM

We have been starting to receive some more requests lately about how our services work for event activation so we thought we would detail out your options for events, conferences, employee appreciation, festivals, etc.

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The 2019 Charleston Bachelorette Party Guide

Posted by Ali Powell on 12/8/18 9:59 AM

Last year we launched our 2018 Charleston bachelorette party guide and it has done so well! We are so thankful for you all reading that and coming across it as you plan for your bachelorette parties in the past year. We worked hard on that to get found whenever you search "Charleston bachelorette" and we are excited to add some additions to that list that we think you should know about if you are heading down to Charleston for your bachelorette party weekend.

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The Fresh Take on Statement Earrings are Floral Headbands

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/29/18 2:48 PM

I love a good headband. I like velvet headbands. Big headbands with a big bow on them. I am obviously someone who makes a lot of flower crowns but one thing I think might be big this holiday season and even into next year is the floral headband. Most women love a statement earring. They help take your outfit to the next level and class it up a bit. Put a twist on any outfit - whether it's an everyday look you are adding to or a night out look- statement accessories can carry and make an outfit.

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Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/27/18 9:25 AM

A girl's birthday party screams FLOWERS. I don't care if your girl is 5, 10, 13 or even turning sweet 16 - a fun, floral activity is a perfect girly addition to add to your girl's birthday party.

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A Southern Bachelorette Party Destination: Savannah Bachelorette Party Hosts Announced

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/14/18 8:31 PM

Ali here writing to let you know that we have officially launched Fetes de Fleurs in another fabulously SOUTHERN location: Savannah! We are so excited to launch new locations for Fetes over the coming months. So if you are interested in being a flower party host in other cities around the US please let us know. :)

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Savannah Bachelorette Party Guide: Savannah Rooftop Bars You CANNOT Miss on your Savannah Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/6/18 7:37 AM

Savannah is a perfect spot for a southern bachelorette party or a southern ladies weekend away. You can easily fly into Savannah or drive from other cities here in the South if you are localish. If you are looking for a place where you can have a bachelorette party in a beautiful southern city then Savannah might be the city for you.

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Savannah Georgia Bachelorette Party: Chic Savannah Hotels for Your Stay

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/4/18 11:32 AM

We are in Savannah this weekend checking out all the things as we get excited to launch our flower crown parties here in this cute, southern city! Savannah is only a 2 hour drive from Charleston, SC where we are based so we thought we would take the drive down this weekend and explore the area to get excited about our launch here.

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Get Your Side Hustle On with Fetes de Fleurs

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/2/18 10:43 AM

Hey there! Ali here :)

I thought I would write out and explain how Fetes de Fleurs works and what our plans are for 2019 ahead. I am really very excited about the future of our little business and hope to bring on as many women as we can in the year ahead. I started Fetes de Fleurs for 1 reason and that reason has not changed in the past 1 1/2 years that I have been doing this at nights and weekends.

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Floral Earrings for Fall Outfits and Holiday Parties

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/27/18 10:59 AM

We love all things floral and flowers here at Fetes de Fleurs. That is why we started using flower petals to make floral earrings. I hadn't seen anyone doing anything like what we have come up with for our floral earrings so it is exciting to hopefully be getting a new earring type in the hands of ladies who love a good accessory for an outfit.

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