The 2018 Guide To a Charleston bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/31/18 10:58 AM

The 2018 Guide To a Charleston bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/31/18 10:58 AM
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Ladies, I moved to the idyllic Charleston, SC in March of this past year. I am so thankful I did because it is a girly girl's dream town.

It is everything I ever dreamed it would be and I can't wait to share with you my favorite spots for dining, drinks, activities, sight seeing, shopping, flowers, etc. We have you covered in everything and anything you should be doing while here. I have spent the past almost year working my way through this city and so this guide is not going to be touristy (I don't think) will be things that I think a girls or ladies group would want to do or know about while here. 

This 2018 Charleston Bachelorette Guide will be a continuous effort where we update it regularly with new additions, delete and edit things so it is up to date always. 

So let's shaking bacon. Its time to PARTY Charleston style. 

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If you know me at all I love a few things: anything girly, pink, wine, flowers, ocean and beautiful architecture. Guess what? Charleston, SC has all of those things and those are some of the reasons why I moved here to start Fetes de Fleurs and my new life as a single woman helping bachelorettes have the best bachelorette parties ever.

If you are looking for a downtown scene with wonderful restaurants, cool bars and lounges for your nights out, great brunches to awaken you and activities on the shore and ocean we have the spot for you, sistah, sistah! 

We are going to break down how you can spend a weekend in Charleston, SC for your bachelorette party.

2018 charleston bachelorette party weekend guide

Here is the 2018 Guide to Your Charleston Bachelorette Party Weekend.

We will be editing and adding in/deleting as we think necessary so stay tuned.

Top Brunch Spots for your Charleston Bachelorette Weekend

  • The Daily: Right off of upper King-ish. My favorite thing here is their smoothies (weirdly) and their juice shots. Their eggs on toast is totally amazing so grab that too. You can't go wrong here.
  • Butcher and Bee: Super cute place to have a brunch al fresco on their deck. They have great small sharing plates that you can have. They are super close by to a bunch of my favorite restaurants too and bars if you feel like getting wild and crazy over some bbq.
charleston bachelorette party - brunch in charleston sc
  • Cannon Green: I live right near here and can't say enough about it. I love love love it because it has a ton of greenery (meaning living walls, plants, etc). If you like art and good architecture you should definitely stop by.
  • The Harbinger Cafe: I can't get enough of this spot. If you like supporting local women entrepreneurs, well, this is your spot. I love the decor here- it's straight out of pinterest and the food is amazing. There is a little outside deck in the back too if you want to savor your breakfast out there in the sun.
charleston sc brunch guide

A lot of people tell you to go to Hominy Grill but I think it is a tourist trap and over-rated. You can get a good breakfast at a lot of places that have less lines and are not so touristy. Also, side note- I love you Hominy Grill but I just think there are so many other cooler bachelorette kind of brunch and breakfast spots you can go to. BUT there is a super cool art mural outside of Hominy Grill if you do end up going. PPS- the food here is AMAZING. I just don't like LINES!

  • Basic Kitchen: Not so basic and will make you swoon over your vegetarian breakfast or lunch. I recommend getting the beet margarita. Literally you can't go wrong here. It's off Wentworth Street downtown so start there then get your shopping on and wander down to the battery and Rainbow Row for some cute pics.
charleston bach brunch guide 2018
  • Huriyali: Okay if you want a juice bar because you are feeling disgusting from drinking and eating too much hit this up. They have the cutest outdoor space filled with greenery that you won't want to leave. Get their smoothies, juices to go for the day after your drinking fests and also their protein balls are the bomb diggity.
Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 9.32.47 PM
  • One Broad Street: in the battery just opened and I still haven't been yet so don't take anything I say. BUT I can tell you that it is owned by the bros over at Bar Normandy and I love love love it there. So I bet this place has nothing but greatness.
Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 9.34.14 PM

Quick coffee/tea shops in Charleston, SC

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 9.43.40 PM
  • Vintage Coffee Cafe: If you are heading out for a day on Sullivan's Island stop in here for the cutest outdoor cafe ever to have breakfast and coffee/tea. I love it here and frequent here a ton. They even have a truck in the back area that is for kids to play on - so think playground truck thingy- super cute and once again pintersty (which I hope you can tell I am into).
sullivans island brunch charleston

Dinners out in Charleston, SC on your Charleston Bachelorette Party Weekend

In general I love to follow along on Eater for any city that I am visiting because they always know what's up and have great HEAT MAPS to help you plan out your eating. So I would suggest in general following Eater Heat Maps when planning your weekends away or even in your own city that you live in. 

If you are coming to Charleston you can follow the Charleston Eater Heat Maps here. 

  • Nico: Just recently opened over by Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant. It is right over the bridge and seems to be all the rage. Also, Naomi from Southern Charm owns it so if that makes you excited you should head over there and eat some oysters, Ya'll.

2018 Charleston Restaurant Guide.png

  • Tu: Tu just opened as well and is off of Meeting Street in what seems to be a parking lot. BUT, once you walk in your will be pleasantly surprised. I went on a date here and have nothing but good things to say about the ambiance, vibe and food. I ate outside on a December night and well, I have nothing else to say about it then.

hot restaurants in charleston for your bachelorette party weekend .png

  • Juliet: 1st off I love this place for a lot of reasons. But mostly the food is literally amazing. Like fall off your high stool at the bar amazing. The look and feel of this place speaks for itself and it would definitely be on my list of places to take out of towners. If you are looking italian with a side of strong drinks go here. Also the guys who work the bar are the bestest, and cute to look at too.
  • Purlieu: If you are looking for a cutie patootie place that is small and off the beaten path where you can get some modern french food on then hit this place up. I actually went there tonight and had a cheeseburger which was only $10 dollars. Really, really good food and good wine list too, super cute as well if you are into Pinteresty looking places.

Charleston Restaurants for your Bachelorette Weekend.png

  • Xao Bao BiscuitXBB is right near where I live so I frequent this joint a good amount. They have an amazing outside area that is surrounded by beautiful painted doors, tables outside near a bunch of cool plants. The vibe here is amazing and the waitresses, bar staff, etc are the best. I highly recommend going here before a night out. You will have great food and great drinks in a great setting that is cool. 

Best Outdoor Restaurants in Charleston.png

  • The Darling Oyster Bar: I can't say enough about the ambience and vibe here too. it is super chic and makes for great photos and OH right, the food is super good too. 

The Charleston Bach Guide to Restaurants.png

  • Chez Nouz If you want a classy dinner out maybe for a couple of people before everyone else gets in for the bach weekend go here! They have a new menu everyday and you can check their instagram handle in the AM to see what will be on the menu that night. I love sitting outside here on a warm summer or spring night. 

#Charlestonbachelorette Restaurant Guide 2018.png

The Best Cocktail Bars for Your Charleston Bachelorette Party Night Out on the Town 

  • Felix: This is on upper King Street right near the Ordinary (which you should hit up for daquiris as well) and DryBar and Colour Studios. So go get your makeup and blowouts down and then fancy yourself a cocktail or three here. If you want to feel super fancy, girly and parisian I would definitely hit this up. This place is so so so so freaking cute and it honestly might be my favorite place right now. 

charleston cocktails guide .png

  • Palace Hotel: If you are looking for a dive bar by none other than Sheppy his fine self then you should wander on over to Palace Hotel for a hot dog and some fabulous cocktails. This place is a dive bar with a twist and Shep from Southern Charm and RelationShep owns it if that is your thing. This place is not a hotel or a palace. :) 


  • Vintage Lounge: Just opened recently as well. I went in here one night with some girlfriends and honestly it might be one of my favorite places now in Charleston. Right on King Street. If you want cheese and meat, wine, Champagne in a really cute atmosphere please go here. If it happens to a nice night out (which it will be) please go to the back and sit outside because you will feel oh so french. You can book private parties here too as well as buy by the glass or the bottle. I think you will love it here! 

By the glass or the bottle..png

  • South Seas Tiki Lounge: Feel like getting hammered with a side of tiki torches. We got the spot for you at South Seas Tiki Lounge. Make sure you wander on inside and take some photos on the hanging chairs. What is better than a zombie and tiki torches to get your bachelorette party slamming?

Let's Make Mistakes Drinking Tiki Drinks..png

  • Revelry Brewing: Looking for a fun outdoor space where you can see a bunch of bros and hot guys. Go here. There is a huge outdoor deck high up where you can overlook the city. It is a brewery so keep that in mind but there is wine too and you can order sushi from a food truck too.
  • Faculty Lounge So you have a ring a DOOR BELL to get in here so naturally I was all oh SHIT, I need to go here. I want to ring the bell and see what happens when you do. This place is really pretty inside (not fancy or anything) but just done well. Good spot to plant up at the bar and chat with others there or the bartenders as well as grab a spot at a low table. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 6.59.51 PM.png

  • Zero George Hotel: Outside on the patio or in one of the cutest rooms you ever did dream of. You will feel like you transplanted yourself into the 1800s in Charleston couture.  When people ask me where to go I always give them this as an option. It is not only amazing drinks and food but probably one of the most picturesque places in Charleston that you can sit outside on a beautiful southern deck enjoying some apps and wine. 

In a southern state of mind..png

Sweets and Treats for your Charleston Party Weekend:

  • Sugar Bake Shop : This place is in my neighborhood on Cannon Street. You should stop in here after walking around on King Street. Just a couple of blocks off King Street this is a must see for a quick cookie or cupcake and taking pictures outside because it is ohhhh so adorable looking! They also have the cutest outdoor space that you can sit in their courtyard to enjoy your cupcakes. I have had bachelorette groups order bulk here for their airbnbs too. :) 

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 7.11.17 PM.png

  • Macaroon Boutique: Exactly what you think it is. This place is all about pastries, macaroons and art. This is a great spot to wander off of King Street to and sit down for a pastry and wine.
  • Brown's Court Bakery: This is my go to and in my neighborhood like a lot of these places. I love it here for so many reasons. Get there early to get your baked goods on. They also have egg sandwiches there that you can get to go that will help you with your hangovers. They are actually called hangover helper or something like that.  They have a great selection of donuts and pastries too. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 7.16.02 PM.png

  • Wild Flour Pastry: Samesies....another good one downtown to get baked goods at. This place is known for its cinnamon buns. 
  • Jeni's Ice Cream:  You cannot come to Charleston without stopping in here. I love their selection of interesting ice creams and their waffle cone bowls are SO SO GOOD! You have to stop here while walking around on King Street. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 7.18.53 PM.png

Rooftop Spots to watch Sunset for your Charleston Bachelorette Weekend

Roof Top Bars for Sunset in Charleston.png

Boutiques to Hit Up on your Charleston Bachelorette Party Weekend

  • Maris Dehart Maris Dehart is one of my faves and I love the owner there. She is a definite GIRLBOSS and if you want to support a woman here in CHS in small biz you can go here. :)  The store is so close to the battery area where you can wander around and take pics near pretty houses and parks. You can stop in here on your way out of checking out the Rainbow Row area too. Super airy, cute setup with awesome going out clothes, accessories etc. 

Best boutiques in charleston sc .png

  • Beckett BoutiqueBeckett has a great airy open vibe to the store. I love it here. It is super clean and has the best selection of clothes at different price points. They have these super cool necklaces too that I would highly recommend checking out while you are there. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.47.12 PM.png

  • Hampden ClothingDefinitely on the higher end spectrum of prices and the kinds of designers you will find in their shop. I would recommend at least stopping in to see it and browse even if it might be out of your price point. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.51.21 PM.png

  • Lily Charleston:  Please bop in here as you walk along King Street. The sweetest man owns this and his dog is too cute too. You will feel parisian going in here because they have the best selection of perfumes and life's little luxuries from France. The price points are good for what they have too. Get the lavender perfume! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.55.55 PM-393251-edited.png

  • CandlefishTake a little bit of Charleston home with you from this candle shop. You can also sign up for candle making classes here which I would highly recommend as an option for a bachelorette activity on your Charleston weekend. Check out Candlefish's workshops here on their website.  Their candles are also good options for bachelorette favors and bachelorette gifts for your Charleston bachelorette weekend. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.59.02 PM-583962-edited.png

The Best Local Charleston Brands for Bachelorette Party Favors 

Tassel Earrings in Charleston are a HOT item. We have the top places for you to get your tassel on with our fave ladies making these chic earrings.
Hart StudioThis is not an actual store but you can order her earrings online and also find them in stores here in Charleston including at our friend's over at Maris DeHart. Tassel earrings are staple here in Charleston. All the best Charleston bloggers and influencers love them so we think they would make for a great addition for your bride to be or as bachelorette party favors.
Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.35.52 AM
How cute would it be to have matching tassel earrings for your bachelorette night out in Charleston? You could also get the white ones or the bride to be or the disco darlings. 
She also has a great Charleston city guide on her site too that you can check out.  If you sign up for her newsletter you get $5 off each set of earrings too so that is sweeet! 
Stay Chic on your Charleston bachelorette weekend.png
TheTinyTassel: Our friend Mimi Striplin owns the TheTinyTassel. She is a #GirlBoss here in Charleston and also creates some amazing, cute tassel products that could be great options for bachelorette party favors for the bachelorette group or part of a bigger present for your bride to be.
Tiny Tassel goodies can be found at her shop called Cannonborough Collective 185-A St. Philip Street Charleston, SC 29403. This is actually in my neighborhood so we highly suggest you check it out. There are great local Charleston makers in this store. You will definitely want to hit this up on your shopping and wandering around Charleston.
We love the hot pink, light pink and white ones. She also has other Charleston made goodies like adorable gingham printed tops, skirts, etc. Check her stuff out along with other Charleston maker products at Cannonborough Collective.
Cannonborough Collective: TinyTassel goodies can be found at this store along with other local Charleston makers. You can stop in here while wandering the pretty streets of Charleston. We suggest picking up your balloons here as they have a balloon bar where you can get custom balloons made to decorate your Charleston airbnb or Charleston hotel rooms for the big bachelorette weekend.
Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.46.38 AM
Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.47.05 AM
Coastal Kelder: Coastal Kelder is a local Charleston maker who's here to help personalize your bachelorette party!  She can make custom tank tops, cups, or sunglasses to match your theme. Or send your friends home with monogrammed oyster shell ring dishes to remember the fun times in the lowcountry!
Low Country Bachelorette Party Favors
Suite33: My girlboss friend Emily owns Suite33. I met Emily when I first moved to Charleston and we did a photo shoot at my house downtown together. She is gem and she has amazing Charleston made cosmetic cases that you could use as bachelorette party favors for your weekend in Charleston. You can check out Suite33 here and her cosmetic cases too. 
charleston bachelorette party favors .png
The Blue Root: My friend Melissa owns The Blue Root. I met her early on in my time here in Charleston because we did a photo shoot together over in Isle of Palms at the most amazing home called The Bea's Nest owned by our friend Mary-Jo from @Port2Palm. (Side note and maybe to come in another post, if you need a place to stay while here in Charleston and want to stay in the best home ever we highly, highly recommend The Bea's Nest. If I could live there I would!)
Melissa of The Blue Root believes that all special occasions deserve a meaningful and beautiful gift. The Blue Root puts together custom gift sets with Charleston artisans that are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients and materials to create their goods. All items are thoughtfully selected to create a unique and impressive collection of products that showcase The Holy City. Everything down to the hand crafted keepsake box has been sourced from Charleston.

Wine Bars to get Fancy at on Your Charleston Bachelorette Party Weekend

  • Bin126 Bin152 is a super cute wine bar at the bottom-ish of King Street. I recommend going here when you are walking around King Street heading towards the battery and Rainbow Road. You can follow Bin152 on Instagram here. 

The Best Wine Bars in Charleston.png

Vintage Lounge:  This place just recently opened in Charleston and is definitely a HOT spot. If I was coming to Charleston and liked wine and cheese and meat I would put this on your list. This place is super swanky looking and they have an amazing wine list and champagne list. There is an outside area as well that is just dreamy. 

The best wine bars in Charleston-1.png

Goat Sheep Cow NorthI don't even know where to start on this one. I love it here. Everything about this place screams amazing wine, cheese and meats. Go here and sit outside on the patio. Eat cheese, meat plates and drink all the rose you want. 

charleston wine bars guide .png

Wine and Company:  This is a really cute place to pick up wine for your weekend in Charleston. They are super helpful here and a sweet couple owns it. You can sit down with your friends here at a table or at the bar and drink glasses or bottles of wine with cheese and meat. 

Elliotborough Mini Bar: This is owned by my sweet neighbors. They moved here and bought mini bar this past year shortly after I moved here. It is in my neighborhood and such a great spot to pop into and listen to some live music or a comedy show. 

Here you can see me on the right in a flower headband, Pam the owner and our friend who just moved to a different neighborhood. If you like to try good wines and beers I would suggest going here. Also, Pam the owner is the best and she is so so so sweet. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 7.42.24 PM.png

Pour Taproom: This place has the coolest deck up on their roof for watching sunsets and sittting outside soaking in that Charleston sun. You can use their "taps" to dispense wine, beers, etc. You pay by the ounce here, not by the glass. This is the tallest rooftop bar in Charleston and located at the Hyatt on the 9th floor. You open a tab and you start pouring! 

drink your way through Charleston.png

Rudi's Caffe E Vino: Coffee and wine bar located at the Skinny Dip Charleston (also somewhere you should stop in for shopping). Hit two birds with one stone by stopping in here. You can get your shopping on and drink some FROSE on their roof top. If you want to have a bachelorette party up on their outside patio you can book the patio for $50.  For $50, you get the space to yourselves, the bride gets free Skinny Dip swag, and your party gets 10% off their purchase at the Skinny Dip! Sounds like a good deal to me! They also have a cool flower wall at Skinny Dip that you can take a picture in front of. If you need flower crowns as part of your bachelorette party just ask us and we can get you all dolled up for your visit to have some frose. 

frose in charleston sc.png



Where to Get Your Beauty on for your Charleston Bachelorette Party Weekend

  • Colur StudiosThis is right next to DryBar and has a great, beautiful space for you to come in to get your make up done before a bachelorette night out on the town. 

    Colur Studios is Charleston’s premier natural and organic make up artistry and skincare boutique designed as a fun and relaxing environment meant to inspire creativity and build confidence. They offer highly curated selection of products, makeup artistry services and other beauty treatments in studio and provide our clients with an unparalleled lounge experience for individuals and large parties alike.

    You will definitely want to spend a morning or afternoon here sipping vino and getting your make up done with all organic and natural makeup. Then you can walk over to DryBar and get your hair done too. 

Where to get primped and pampered in Charleston.png

  • DryBarThis is a beautiful DryBar and I frequent it a lot. They are located on upper King Street next to Colur Studios. Perfect place to head into before your night out on the town and King Street. The ladies here will have you looking your best for your bachelorette party our in Charleston. 

blow outs charleston sc.png

  • Tease Blow Dry BarAnother option for your hair styling needs while in Charleston. There’s no excuse for a bad hair day anymore. Boost your confidence & change your attitude with a visit to Tease! Tease is  Charleston’s first blow dry bar and their speciality is the “blowout.”  

    A refreshingly simple concept, Tease will wash, blow and style your hair in under 45 minutes for just $40. Order up one of their 6 distinct styles, from trendsetter to sophisticate – and one of their talented stylists will take it from there while you relax and enjoy the Tease experience in downtown Charleston. Walk out of Tease and head to dinner or drinks on King Street. 

Flower crowns and blow outs..png

  • Mylkbar My friend Katie owns MylkBar in Mount Pleasant. It is right over the bridge and super worth the trip over the bridge from downtown. They also book private parties so you could book them for your bachelorette party group by emailing They are also an all organic nail spa so you can feel safe and clean in getting your nails done for your weekend in Charleston. Great way to spend a morning or afternoon before going out for your bachelorette partying fun downtown.  They also have the best decor and it is a super girly space with a flower wall you can take pictures in front of. 

The Best Beauty Spots in Charleston.png

The WoodHouse Day Spa Charleston: Just over the bridge in Mt Pleasant as well we would like to invite you to the Woodhouse Experience. Experience a tranquil, transformational environment that's both memorable and healthful. From beginning to end, their dedicated spa team ensures that your visit enhances your well-being. Upon entering, you're treated to a warm smile, a luxurious robe, and reflexology sandals that release the day's stresses. You'll relax in their Quiet Room, where a selection of specialty, loose-leaf teas begins your journey to relaxation and rejuvenation. Sounds like a dream start or end to a bachelorette party weekend to me. They have girl's getaway weekend packages that you can call their spa about.

spas in Charleston SC

The Dewberry Spa: This is for the bride and bachelorette party that really wants to get their relaxation on in a chic, high end way. RELAX, RESTORE, REJUVENATE
The Dewberry is also a great option for your stay while here in Charleston. But if you aren't staying there that doesn't mean you can't head over for cocktails, or dinner or even spa treatments.

This is a luxe spa in the heart of the Historic Charleston, John Dewberry looked to his own backyard for inspiration. The source, a charming carriage house, set the tone for the hotel's resulting Cypress-lined sanctuary. Handcrafted wallpaper and artwork by Southern masters adorn the relaxation spaces. Inside the five treatment rooms, services developed by renowned spa expert (and fifth generation South Carolinian) Lydia Mondavi draw inspiration from Lowcountry botanicals and marine extracts.  To reserve your experience call 843-872-9045 or email

flower crown party

We hope this line up helps as you plan your Charleston weekend or Charleston bachelorette party weekend. If you have questions about anything at all just email us at We hope we can add in a flower crown party to your Charleston bachelorette weekend activities. Could be a great combination with a spa treatment or beauty service at one of these fine places in Charleston.

Request More Information  for Charleston Bachelorette Party 

Follow along on Instagram at #Charlestonbachelorette. We can't wait to flower party with your for your Charleston bachelorette party here.

If you are looking for more help than just this we have 2 lovely friends who run bachelorette party planning businesses here in Charleston that you should check out:

1. Kay and Co Weekends 

2.Pop the Bubbly

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