Baby's Breath Flower Crown & Baby's Breath Runner

Posted by Ali Powell on 5/16/18 11:06 AM

I love baby's breath. It is stunning alone, just all by itself. I love how whimsical baby's breath is. Just holding a handful of baby's breath can make my day. I am a sucker for white, little flowers. They are heavenly little blossoms and I can't wait to explain and show you how to create beautiful flower masterpieces like baby's breath runners and baby's breath flower crowns with this gem.

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Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained with these Fun, Flowery Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/22/17 7:27 AM

When you get invited to a wedding, what is the first thing you think of?

What is the first word that comes to mind or thought that comes to mind when you open up that invitation to a wedding?

When someone says the word, "wedding," to you what do you think of? Do you cringe or do you get excited?

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Summer Wedding Hair Piece Trends 2017: Wedding Flower Crowns & Wedding Hair Combs

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/14/17 3:50 PM
  • Do you want a hair piece made of flowers or greenery for your wedding?
  • Do you want a wedding flower crown for yourself as the bride-to-be, your bridesmaids or your flower girls?

There are so many fun and simple ways we can incorporate real or faux flowers into your special celebration for your wedding day or your bridal shower.

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