The Boho Bride: The Boho Flower Crown, Bridal Flower Combs and Bridal Floral Hair Pins

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/10/19 11:36 AM

We love the BOHO wedding. I don't know if I really love saying the word, Boho...but it is a thing so we should just start recognizing that. Flower crowns go oh so well with a boho wedding. We have started to get more boho floral accessories like boho floral combs, floral pins and of course our boho flower crowns into our online shop over at the Flower Crown Bar.

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The Best Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas that Incorporate Flowers into Your Bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/19/17 10:37 AM

Bachelorette parties can be somewhat overwhelming...but that's only if you make them that way. Bachelorette parties should be FUN! They should be a fun weekend for the bride, the bridesmaids and any friends that join in! Don't let the bachelorette party planning get you down and put a damper on the weekend ahead.

One way to ease the pain of planning is to incorporate ways that the bachelorette weekend plans or events throughout the bachelorette weekend can couple up with bachelorette party gifts at the end of the weekend for your guests to take home. 

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Summer Wedding Hair Piece Trends 2017: Wedding Flower Crowns & Wedding Hair Combs

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/14/17 3:50 PM
  • Do you want a hair piece made of flowers or greenery for your wedding?
  • Do you want a wedding flower crown for yourself as the bride-to-be, your bridesmaids or your flower girls?

There are so many fun and simple ways we can incorporate real or faux flowers into your special celebration for your wedding day or your bridal shower.

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