Flowery Wedding Reception Ideas and Wedding Reception Activities for Guests

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/7/17 11:09 AM

Let's all get real with what goes down at a traditional wedding.

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Flower Crown DIY for Your Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower or Wedding Welcome Activity

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/28/17 5:53 PM

Planning any party or any event can be a bit stressful. Let alone when it comes down to your wedding planning. I can only imagine the stress that comes from having to figure out how to entertain all of your guests for all parts of your wedding activities. Weddings have so many things that go into them: you have the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, the wedding itself, and probably everything and anything in between there that I just don't know about.

Don't fret though because we flower ladies here at Fetes de Fleurs have your back.  We can help you have the best activities for your welcome party at your wedding weekend, at your bridal shower, your bachelorette party, or after your wedding ceremony when you are taking pictures and your guests need to be kept busy and entertained.

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Flower Party Ideas on Fetes de Fleurs Pinterest Board

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/19/17 9:25 AM

There are so many great flower party inspiration photos on Pinterest. I started a Pinterest board where you can gather some inspiration for your party.

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