Floral Installations KNOWLEDGE DROP from Sweet Root Village

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/9/18 3:02 PM

I met these lovely ladies from Sweet Root Village this week here at the Team Flower Conference and you know what I love about #GIRLBOSSES like this... I had no CLUE how cool and fabulous they are (they are speaking here). I mean when you get speaker status you are officially BOSS STATUS? Am I Right?!?!

So please go ahead and follow them here on their website at Sweet Root Village and on Instagram here.

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A Talk with the CEO of Mayesh Wholesale on Floral Souring and Substitutions

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/8/18 3:22 PM

Pat the CEO of Mayesh Wholesale came to the TeamFlower Conference to speak to us about floral sourcing and substitutions. Mayesh is a favorite of mine due to finding out about them from their "flower pulls" instagram posts.

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