Step by Step Instructions on How to Make a DIY Flower Crown

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/19/19 11:16 AM

Are you curious about how to make a flower crown? Need to make flower crowns for an event coming up and not sure where the heck to start? Well, we got you girl. We can teach you how to make beautiful flower crowns or well, we can always make them for you to ship them to you in the mail or if you are in a city where we have flower party hosts we can host a flower crown workshop to teach you how to make flower crowns in person.

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Floral Retail Activation Ideas for In Store Experiential Events & Brand Activation

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/18/19 12:08 PM

Boutiques and stores are always looking for fun and different ways to engage their customers and potential audiences. We are so happy to announce publicly that we are now able to offer boutiques, stores and brands more floral activation ideas for 2019 and beyond.

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The 2019 Guide to GIRLY Bachelorette Party Themes: The Wine Themed Bachelorette Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/14/19 10:23 AM

So you fell in love over drinking wine with your man to be? Now he has popped the question over some shared bottles of vino? Time to think about your bachelorette party theme? What is better than a Wine Themed Bachelorette Party for your bride to be? If you and your girlfriends love wine then we think we have the bachelorette party theme for you.

The Wine themed bachelorette party is one of my faves because well its revolved around one of our favorite past times, WINE! 

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Bridesmaid Flower Crowns & Flower Girl Flower Crowns

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/13/19 11:52 AM

If you are working on planning your wedding and want to have your bridesmaids or flower girls wear custom flower crowns you might be wondering how or where you can buy beautiful flower crowns for your ladies in your wedding. We create custom flower crowns for all kinds of celebrations including of course weddings!

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Classy Bachelorette Party Gifts and Bachelorette Party Favors for the Girly Bachelorette Tribe of All Price Points

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/12/19 4:16 PM

If you are hosting a bachelorette party you will have so many decisions to make. You have to figure out many different things once your girlfriend gets engaged. It can be a bit overwhelming as to everything you need to do and accomplish leading up to the bachelorette party weekend. Maybe you have been putting it off because you just cannot handle it. Or maybe you are finding out that the group coming together for the bachelorette party all has different ideas of what the bachelorette weekend should look like, what you should do on the bachelorette party, what to buy, where to go, etc, etc. It is a lot. We want to make that process easier for you, ladies.

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The White Flower Crown: Perfect for a Bridal Shower Flower Crown or Baby Shower Flower Crown

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/29/19 12:38 PM

We love any celebration which calls for adding in flowers to the mix. Well, really any party is a good excuse to have flowers involved in the decor. You can add flowers to any decor to really make the ambience extra special for your guests. If you add flowers to any celebration we think you are doing it just right. The bridal shower and baby shower are two of our favorite celebrations that always seem to incorporate flowers. If you aren't having flowers at a bridal shower or baby shower then you are definitely not doing it full up ladies! Flower crowns seem to be a perfect match for a bridal shower or baby shower so we wanted to pay tribute to these lovely celebrations by giving you some examples of our favorite and most popular bridal shower flower crowns and baby shower flower crowns that we tend to see in our markets. 

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The Baby Shower Flower Crown and the Bridal Shower Flower Crown

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/28/19 11:07 AM

So glad that you found us! We are excited to be launching more options for one off flower crown orders in the coming days and months. A lot of people will find us for our bachelorette flower crown workshops and bachelorette flower crowns but we know that there are also mom's to be celebrating their baby shower as well as bride's to be celebrating a bridal shower that would like flower crowns. We wanted to list out a couple of options that we have for you if you falling into one of those categories.

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CHARLESTONETTE: Miami Tribe Celebrates a Bride's Charleston Bachelorette Party over a Silk Flower Crown Workshop

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/14/19 9:39 AM

We had the pleasure of working with a group of 8 ladies and 1 man for a Charleston bachelorette party weekend. We headed up to the Park Circle area to a super cute airbnb to setup our signature flower bar with silk flowers and silk greenery. It is always lovely working with different bride tribes and seeing the fun things that they have planned for their weekend here in Charleston.

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The Boho Bride: The Boho Flower Crown, Bridal Flower Combs and Bridal Floral Hair Pins

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/10/19 11:36 AM

We love the BOHO wedding. I don't know if I really love saying the word, Boho...but it is a thing so we should just start recognizing that. Flower crowns go oh so well with a boho wedding. We have started to get more boho floral accessories like boho floral combs, floral pins and of course our boho flower crowns into our online shop over at the Flower Crown Bar.

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Bridal Headbands: Perfect for the Bride to Be on her Engagement Party, Bridal Shower or Wedding Celebrations

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/9/19 2:18 PM

OMG I cannot even fathom being a bride. I feel like it will for sure be the best day of my life. FLOWERS AND LOVE ALL AROUND> BRING IT ON. Just need to find the guy first. Okay, it will happen. But for the meantime I get to make really beautiful and fun things for you ladies to wear on your celebrations leading up to the big day. I love LOVE and love weddings so anytime I get to work on something around brides and weddings I am a HAPPY HAPPY LADY!

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