The Fresh Take on Statement Earrings are Floral Headbands

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/29/18 2:48 PM

The Fresh Take on Statement Earrings are Floral Headbands

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/29/18 2:48 PM
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I love a good headband. I like velvet headbands. Big headbands with a big bow on them. I am obviously someone who makes a lot of flower crowns but one thing I think might be big this holiday season and even into next year is the floral headband. Most women love a statement earring. They help take your outfit to the next level and class it up a bit. Put a twist on any outfit - whether it's an everyday look you are adding to or a night out look- statement accessories can carry and make an outfit.

statement headbands

A floral headband is different than just a flower crown. Think more of an actual item you would wear out on the town- out with girlfriends for drinks, to spice up an outfit or to work for a cuter look. Adding a headband in general to any outfit makes you feel girlier and prettier. Maybe you are having a good hair day or even a bad hair day- headbands always make your hair look even more fab and chic. A headband gives your outfit that pop and addition that maybe you didn't even know that you needed. They also make any outfit look that much more festive and girlier which around this time of year we all want!

big hairbows for adults

Headbands are not just for little girls. Headbands are super chic and are just another way to add a fun addition to your outfit via accessories. So think of the headband like you do with your statement earrings. Headbands are just another version of statement earrings.

The Velvet headband


floral headbands for adults


If we added in some florals to this take on the velvet headband I think girls would dig it. I like it just as it is too - I love the thickness of this velvet babe but adding in some small florals would look so lovely.

Silk Headband


adult headbands


Think about something like this with florals right there plop in the middle instead of the silk. I will be making these soon! These are just inspiration and to see what you all think.

Florals all around headband


flower headband


Imagine a headband kind of like this but maybe some florals interspersed between the jewels or even just flowers all around?

floral headbands

I am super inspired by a couple of headband companies so thought I would mention them here in case you are on the search for cool statement headbands like I am. The reason I got started in making flower earrings and floral earrings in the first place was because I LOVE statement earrings. I didn't see anyone making any good floral earrings so I thought okay, fine, I will do it myself then. Glad that I did!

statement headbands

I got to thinking the other night when wearing out a JCrew big hunter green headband. Why don't we ever see any chic floral headbands out there? That's because no one brand is doing a great job at it. I want to do this for florals. I want to make florals and flowers a statement piece for you to add to your outfits and accessorize your outfits with florals and flowers. So in 2019 we will be launching MORE and MORE flower earrings and floral headbands. So stay tuned and hope you think they are fun like we do!

Here are some of my favorite brands that make dope statement headbands:

  • Jennifer Behr: I love her hair stuff in general. I mean her stuff is to die for. A little on the expensive side for the everyday gal but I love all of her stuff.
  • Sincerely Jules by Scunci for Target: These are amazing and such a great price point. The picture above is me wearing the light pink one.
  • Anthropologie: Has a great selection from a bunch of different designers and all are usually at really good price points too.
  • Jcrew: Jcrew in general for all things bow hairties and also bow barrettes too.
  • LoveShackFancy: WELL...WELL...WELL! LoveShackFancy is like me wrapped up a bow. If I could live in all of their clothes, accessories and everything else I WOULD. This is my ultimate girly brand that I am legit obsessed with.

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