Classy Bachelorette Party Gifts and Bachelorette Party Favors for the Girly Bachelorette Tribe of All Price Points

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/12/19 4:16 PM

If you are hosting a bachelorette party you will have so many decisions to make. You have to figure out many different things once your girlfriend gets engaged. It can be a bit overwhelming as to everything you need to do and accomplish leading up to the bachelorette party weekend. Maybe you have been putting it off because you just cannot handle it. Or maybe you are finding out that the group coming together for the bachelorette party all has different ideas of what the bachelorette weekend should look like, what you should do on the bachelorette party, what to buy, where to go, etc, etc. It is a lot. We want to make that process easier for you, ladies.

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Chic Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas for the Classy Bride Tribe

Posted by Ali Powell on 12/20/18 10:16 AM

So you have a bachelorette party that you are trying to plan? I know, seems like a lot of work but let me tell you if you take the bachelorette party planning in steps you will get through this. I am here to help you! :)

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Classy Bachelorette Party Gifts for the Bachelorette Party Gift Bags

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/17/18 12:00 PM

Most bachelorette parties I see have a part of their airbnb or hotel room setup with bachelorette party gift bags. These bachelorette party gift bags can have a bunch of different things in them and are usually surrounded by a bachelorette party theme for the bachelorette weekend.

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Bachelorette Party Favors Your Girls Will Love

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/16/18 11:54 AM

Planning a bachelorette party weekend can be stressful. There are so many different websites to look at from Pinterest boards to Instagram hashtags to search to Google searches. Everything likely looks fun and awesome so it is so hard to whittle down your list to something doable for your bachelorette weekend.

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Floral Earrings are the Hottie Patottie Statement Look for this Summer Season Ahead

Posted by Ali Powell on 5/10/18 10:21 AM

Every website you go to you see florals. Flowers on shirts, dresses, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.

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Introducing Flower Earrings as your Bridesmaid gifts or bridesmaid Earrings 

Posted by Ali Powell on 4/2/18 1:52 PM

We have launched our flower jewelry over on our sister website called Bijoux de Fleurs. 

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