Floral Earrings for Fall Outfits and Holiday Parties

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/27/18 10:59 AM

Floral Earrings for Fall Outfits and Holiday Parties

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/27/18 10:59 AM
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We love all things floral and flowers here at Fetes de Fleurs. That is why we started using flower petals to make floral earrings. I hadn't seen anyone doing anything like what we have come up with for our floral earrings so it is exciting to hopefully be getting a new earring type in the hands of ladies who love a good accessory for an outfit.

blue floral earrings

We created these blue floral earrings that will be perfect for your fall outfits and holiday accessories.

blue flower jewelry

The floral petals we used are almost a leathery feel and also kind of iridescent in coloring. They are perfect for your fall outfits or even a dress up night out. You can shop the blue leathery flower earrings here on our ecommerce site which is FlowerCrownBar.com.

blue floral earrings

The blue flower earrings are on a gold dangle. They have 2 light blue-grey colored beads on the top of the flower petals and 1 bead on the bottom of the petals.

flower earrings

If you go to FlowerCrownBar.com you will find a section that is just for floral earrings and flower earrings. We will continue to add in more colors and designs for fall and winter. We also will have holiday earrings there too.

flower earrings and floral jewelry

Fall Yellow Flower Earrings with Dark Navy Matte Beads

These are the best color for fall. I love anything that is a yellow-ish color for fall. We combined the yellow almost orangey floral petals with matte navy blue beads on a rose gold drop earring.

yellow flower earrings


yellow floral earrings

We will continue to come out with more flower earrings and add them to the FlowerCrownBar.com. So if you want certain colors of petals or beads just let us know. We would love to know what colors you like or want for the fall and winter months ahead!

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