Event Activation Ideas for 2019: Flower Crown Bars & Build a Bouquet Bars

Posted by Ali Powell on 12/14/18 9:45 AM

Event Activation Ideas for 2019: Flower Crown Bars & Build a Bouquet Bars

Posted by Ali Powell on 12/14/18 9:45 AM
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We have been starting to receive some more requests lately about how our services work for event activation so we thought we would detail out your options for events, conferences, employee appreciation, festivals, etc.

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If you are a part of a team who is putting on a bigger event and want to understand what kinds of event services our floral team does we thought we would give you an idea of some things we can do for you. These are not ALL the offers and services we have but at least these will give you an idea of some of the things we typically get questions on to do.

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Event Activation Ideas for 2019 in the Floral Space

  • Flower Crown Bar: for a flower crown making station
  • Bouquet bar to go: for floral bouquet making to go

We can work with your event design team on anything floral related so we are happy to do florals for tables, floral arrangements, bigger floral letters, floral walls, etc. But, we think based on our work in 2018 that in the year ahead we will see more companies wanting to do fun activities for their employees that involve florals and workshops.

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Flower Crown Bar for Event Activation

  • We come to you, wherever your event takes place we can be there.
  • We have flower party hosts in cities throughout the US so typically we would have an floral event host be involved in the event. If it was necessary to fly anyone else in we can work on that.
  • We work with you on your ideas for the kinds of florals we use. So everything from working in line with your colors and theme of your event for the flower crown bar and flower crown making.
  • We can either have the bases of the flower crowns made ahead of time or be ready to rock and roll helping your guests of your event make flower crowns at the event.
  • You have the option of silk flowers or real flowers ALWAYS. We also will work within your theme for the kinds of flowers and greenery that we source.
  • Prices will be dependent on the amount of flower crowns that you want to make. So we will need to know how many people will be expected to make flower crowns at your event. We price per person.
  • If you are having a festival or event where we can make crowns ahead of time for you and ship them out to you to have a flower crown bar we can do this as well.

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Floral Bouquet Bar to Go

Imagine your guests leaving your wedding, your event, your conference or whatever celebration or event you are having with a small floral bouquet to go! That is such a lovely touch and we think this option works really well for all kinds of events, celebrations and weddings.

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  • We will setup a floral bouquet bar to go at your event or space of celebration.
  • We work with your colors and theme of the event or celebration so that we source the right colors and types of flowers to work well with those.
  • We will help your guests on their way out to make a small bouquet to go on their way out of the event or celebration.
  • This is a great option to have if you are launching a brand, brand parties, big events where you want your guests to leave the space with a gift.

If we can help come up with fun, floral activities for your events coming up please reach out to us. We can help you create a beautiful, floral experience as part of your event.  Please email us at ali@fetesdefleurs.com for more information and resources for planning an event with Fetes de Fleurs. 




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