Chic Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas for the Classy Bride Tribe

Posted by Ali Powell on 12/20/18 10:16 AM

So you have a bachelorette party that you are trying to plan? I know, seems like a lot of work but let me tell you if you take the bachelorette party planning in steps you will get through this. I am here to help you! :)

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Bridal Shower Favor Ideas for a Southern Bride to Be

Posted by Ali Powell on 8/6/17 6:24 PM

Bridal showers are so so so much fun! It is one of the most girly celebrations that I have ever been a part of. I have always loved anything that is super girly, includes flowers, includes beautiful dresses, all your girlfriends, rose, cake, presents, etc. What is better than a bridal shower to make you feel all girly, rosey and fun.

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Flowery Bridal Shower Favor Ideas that Won't Disappoint the Bride to be or the Bridal Shower Guests

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/30/17 8:02 PM

Bridal showers are so fun because you get to see your bestie all pretty and excited that she is getting married. I love love so any reason to celebrate someone being in love I am down for!

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