Dallas Bachelorette Weekend: Where to Stay While in Dallas for a Girls Weekend

Posted by Jeannette Hosch on Dec 9, 2018 12:30:14 PM

So now that your tribe has gotten past the, “Well, where do y’all want to go?” and “I don’t know, you pick.” “...I don’t know.” Because you all picked the best place ever, Dallas, Texas!

Let’s talk about where the heck to stay.

Where to stay in Dallas for a girls weekend

Now I think there are two types of people in this world- one who doesn’t care where they lay their head at night as long as they have a bed and place to charge their phone, and two, people who want to feel cozy and luxurious during their stay.

Well let’s face it, those first types are probably all men. HA!

Us girls deserve to stay in the best places when we vacay because it is a break from being total boss babes 24/7!

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Especially when you are traveling to spoil your bride to be on her bachelorette party weekend in Dallas because this is one of the few times during the wedding planning process that she can actually relax. As I mentioned in my previous post, Dallas is a shape shifting city that can fit the mold of any desires you may have, which means there are also so many different places to stay based on what you are looking for!

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Here are our favorites places to stay when you visit Dallas for your girls weekend or a Dallas bachelorette party weekend.

Right in the Heart of Dallas

If you are looking to stay right in the heart of downtown, Dallas has some amazing chain and boutique hotels to choose from. So depending on if your girl tribe wants a hotel you know the name of or a boutique hotel we have you covered with our list of places we love.

The Adolphus Hotel is our prize jewel with enough marble to make you feel like the queen that you are, and a killer spa. I would pick here to stay anytime if the budget allowed. You can check out their Instagram page here to feel inspired by their beautiful photos!

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The Omni Hotel also offers great views of our skyline, thanks to the beautiful Reunion Tower and glass skyscrapers.

The best experience I had at a downtown Dallas hotel was at the Magnolia Hotel, where not only was their happy hour good (if you read my last post, you know my love for happy hours), but they had a free MILK AND COOKIE bar after 8pm. I mean, how stinking cute is that! Now, I might be a fat kid at heart, but they got me. Make sure you check your ratings and reviews before booking a hotel downtown, but picking one here will guarantee a fun night out with your girls as well as a great place to crash post partying! You can check out the Magnolia Hotel's Instagram here.


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Uptown Funk

When I was convincing you to come to Dallas in my last post where we talked about our favorite restaurants to visit, Uptown was one of the reasons to visit for all of the chic dining and dancing you could want.

This also makes it one of the best places to stay because it is a little removed from the streets of downtown, but close enough to where you still feel apart of it all. The hotels are amazing and sophisticated, but it is here you will find amazing AirBnbs (if that is more your vibe) since the streets are lined with townhomes and condos. When booking, look for a place off of McKinney or Maple Avenue. This will ensure you are in close proximity to everything Uptown has to offer.

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PS: we can come to your hotel room or your Airbnb to setup our signature Fetes de Fleurs flower bar. We host flower crown parties all over the Dallas area to help you have a fun activity for your Dallas bachelorette party weekend. Just fill out the form here to learn more about hosting a Dallas flower party.


I may be a little biased, but I think the Dallas’ suburbs offer the best places to stay. Hear me out, Dallas has suburbs that are unlike other places because they are all still so close to downtown.

This isn’t a suburb that you stay in and then have to drive an hour to get to the action.

When you choose to stay in these certain Dallas suburbs, the exciting city is only a 15 to 20 minute Uber ride away. The best suburbs to stay in are going to be Addison, Park Cities, and Plano.

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All of the Dallas suburbs offer nice and clean hotels or cozy homes for AirBnbs still just a stone's throw away from downtown.

My favorite in the Addison area is The Westin Galleria, because well it is literally attached to one of our biggest malls in the city. Any trip that includes shopping is proven to be a win in our book! And we know no girls weekend or bachelorette party weekend is complete without shopping!

In Plano, you can find the Aloft hotel which actually has a downtown location as well. The Plano location offers the same contemporary vibes as downtown with a little more comfort only a suburb can offer. Aloft hotels are always great options really in any city you pick because you know what you are going to get. CHIC decor (our fave) and great service.

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Also, any place you pick in Park Cities is going to be your closest to downtown and your most sophisticated of the suburbs. Park Cities also offers high end shopping in Highland Village, and many chic Airbnbs right next to the wealthiest of Dallas.

I could go on and on, but as you can see Dallas has more than enough to offer for your perfect girls trip to Dallas or bachelorette party in Dallas.

The best part? Any of these places would be the perfect space to host a flower crown party with us (of course)!

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Can’t wait to see where you pick and make our beautiful flower crowns together!

Dallas bachelorette party ideas


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When the Bride-to-Be Says, “Let’s go to Dallas for my Bachelorette Party!”

Posted by Jeannette Hosch on Dec 3, 2018 8:54:53 PM

As a Dallas native, I feel it as my civic duty to inform every person I meet of all the unique things this beautiful city has to offer. Growing up in a suburb of Dallas had it perks (blog post to come on the best Dallas neighborhoods and suburbs to visit as well), but I didn’t get to truly experience all that the city has to offer until I was able to move closer to downtown Dallas.

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This is where the heart of the city thrives, and as I explored the city of Dallas I fell more in love with all of the different experiences Dallas has to offer! I call them experiences because when you visit, you don’t just go sight seeing or walking around; you truly adventure in and become a part of the city making it the perfect backdrop for anything you want to do.

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So when your bride tribe or girl gang wants to get away for the weekend, here’s why you should pick Dallas, Texas. Dallas is a perfect location for your bachelorette weekend or a ladies weekend away. We hope you will consider our flower crown making parties as part of your Dallas bachelorette party weekend.

The Happiest of Hours and Fun Roof Top Bars

I’m sure there is a survey that exists somewhere, but I would put my life on it that Dallas has BY FAR the best happy hours in any city you’ll find. Happy hours are what get the best nights of your lives started, and what better place to do that than on one of Dallas’ best rooftops or patios.

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Drinks taste better during these hours, and even better when you’re overlooking the city or soaking up the sun. Visit The Rustic for amazing drinks and even better outdoor area, and we even have a restaurant/bar called Happiest Hour with an amazing rooftop bar gazing out at the city. You’re bound to have fun anywhere you go in Dallas during happy hour. So make sure you do your research before your Dallas bachelorette party or your Dallas girls weekend so you have your happy hours mapped out.

Fries Before Guys and Tex Mex for All

While Texas may known for its barbecue, it is definitely not all that we have to offer. Every hot neighborhood in Dallas has its own unique restaurants that you can eat the best food to satisfy anything you’re craving. I may be a little biased, but anything Tex-Mex is going to be an amazing choice for your ladies weekend.

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Meso Maya and Gloria’s have their own take on it including some Latin flavors, while El Fenix and Desperados are going to have your classic Tex-Mex with the best margs and queso you can find. The foodies in your group will love the new foods they get to experience in Dallas. So make sure your bride tribe thinks ahead and get some reservations going at the best tex mex restaurants Dallas has to offer.

Different Vibes for Different Tribes

  • Are you a group of girls who love adventure?
  • Is your bride a girl who loves eclectic music and art?
  • Maybe you all plan to shop til you drop (link to best shopping in Dallas), or maybe you just want to relax and lounge on a patio.

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Dallas can be your chameleon, changing into anything you need it to be to fit your vibe. During the day, the city is at your fingertips with so many options to choose from.

Get your scooter or bike on.

Go adventure down the Katy Trail on bikes or scooters, being sure to stop at the bar right along the bike path.

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Want views?

Want to take it easy and soak up the best views? Klyde Warren Park in Dallas’ version of Central Park, with a stage, benches and events always happening right in the middle of downtown (my favorite is the free Saturday morning yoga right on the lawn).

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Let's get dressed up and take on the night.

When you and your girls want to put on your sparkly dresses and your beautiful flower crowns we made, Uptown is the place to go for fun and fancy bars and restaurants.

The casual Dallas bachelorette.

If you’re feeling more in the mood for casual yet still fun, Lower Greenville has the best options for food, dessert and drinks. Or for the artsy tribes, Deep Ellum will blow you away with it’s street art and always happening concerts at the coolest venues.

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No matter the personalities in your group or likes of the bride, Dallas has something to offer you!

There are so many more reasons to come visit Dallas, but I’ll save those for later posts to really dig deeper in to everything Dallas has to offer you for an unforgettable weekend.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with picking Dallas because no matter what you want to do, you will find it here. It is the perfect place to spend a weekend with your girl gang, celebrate your favorite bride, or just explore somewhere new. To top it all off, having your own flower party here in Dallas will make it the best weekend with so many beautiful places to host it at, and even more awesome places to wear it to!

Dallas bachelorette party ideas

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Let's Flower Party DALLAS: Your Dallas Bachelorette Party Host is Here

Posted by Ali Powell on Nov 15, 2018 9:39:00 PM

We are super excited and happy to announce one of our newest locations in the great state of TEXAS! Drum roll paaaalease!!!!!


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Please meet Jeannette Hosch, our newest flower party hostess for the Dallas area.

I thought it might be fun for Jeannette, our Dallas Flower Party Hostess to give you a little background on who she is and why she is joining us doing flower parties as her side hustle. Here's a little bit about her!

jeannette hosch - dallas fetes de fleurs -1

Hey y’all! Jeannette is my “grown up” name, but my friends call me Jenni! I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where I grew up with flowers in my hair and a paint brush in my hand. During my college years at Texas State, I floated the river and found my husband; who I quickly convinced to move back to Dallas with me after graduation. We now live happily in East Dallas, and when I’m not teaching Kindergarten, we spend our days hopping all over the city with our three dogs. Besides binging Netflix, drinking wine and practicing calligraphy, I love exploring this big city I call home, and finding hidden gems on every corner! I cannot wait to host a Dallas bachelorette party with you ladies or even a Dallas locals flower celebration. I am here for all of your floral party needs. 

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So why Dallas for one of Fetes de Fleurs next locations?

I pick our locations based off of a number of things but a lot of it has to do with that area being a location that I can see girly things like flower crown parties doing well in. To figure that I rely on SEO searches to understand the amount of search that there is for things like, "Dallas bachelorette party," etc. We then have mapped out the biggest US cities and are trying to expand into any city that we think this would do well in. So we really hope to be in most US cities coming up in 2019. Wherever there are cities that have women who visit on weekends for bachelorette parties, weekend ladies trips and also just local women who would find floraly parties like this fun - we want to be there and hope you want us there too. :)

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Here's why Jeannette is excited to join us for her side hustle in Dallas.

Dallas has so much to offer for so many different kinds of brides, brides to be and ladies groups in for the weekend! Don't forget the locals too.

With all of the various neighborhoods inside and surrounding Dallas, you can find almost anything you would want to do for your bachelorette or girls weekend in Dallas.

From delicious food and drinks, to the most exciting dance floors and roof top bars, Dallas will not disappoint. On top of all that, a flower party is a great addition to any bachelorette agenda in Dallas to really bond with your girls, and then go show them off at all the hottest spots in the city!

After you make your beautiful flower crowns with me, you and your tribe will have to visit my favorite street in Dallas- Lower Greenville and let your flower crowns shine at the best patios and roof tops, where you can sip the sweetest Frosé and gear up for your night out. Then spend your night at my favorite spots in Deep Ellum dancing the night away! Whatever it is you want to do for your last fling before the ring, you deserve it and Dallas will have it!

Request more information on hosting a flower crown bar for an event or a flower crown workshop for a party by clicking the button below. You can also fill out the form here requesting more information on a Dallas flower crown party here. 

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