The White Flower Crown: Perfect for a Bridal Shower Flower Crown or Baby Shower Flower Crown

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/29/19 12:38 PM

We love any celebration which calls for adding in flowers to the mix. Well, really any party is a good excuse to have flowers involved in the decor. You can add flowers to any decor to really make the ambience extra special for your guests. If you add flowers to any celebration we think you are doing it just right. The bridal shower and baby shower are two of our favorite celebrations that always seem to incorporate flowers. If you aren't having flowers at a bridal shower or baby shower then you are definitely not doing it full up ladies! Flower crowns seem to be a perfect match for a bridal shower or baby shower so we wanted to pay tribute to these lovely celebrations by giving you some examples of our favorite and most popular bridal shower flower crowns and baby shower flower crowns that we tend to see in our markets. 

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The White Flower Crown

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/2/18 8:14 PM

A white flower crown is requested mostly for bridal showers, the wedding day itself and of course bachelorette parties. I thought I would write out what my favorite white flower crowns are and give you examples of what to ask for you if you are thinking of ordering a flower crown for a bridal activity coming up.

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