Get Your Side Hustle On with Fetes de Fleurs

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/2/18 10:43 AM

Hey there! Ali here :)

I thought I would write out and explain how Fetes de Fleurs works and what our plans are for 2019 ahead. I am really very excited about the future of our little business and hope to bring on as many women as we can in the year ahead. I started Fetes de Fleurs for 1 reason and that reason has not changed in the past 1 1/2 years that I have been doing this at nights and weekends.

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A Talk with the CEO of Mayesh Wholesale on Floral Souring and Substitutions

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/8/18 3:22 PM

Pat the CEO of Mayesh Wholesale came to the TeamFlower Conference to speak to us about floral sourcing and substitutions. Mayesh is a favorite of mine due to finding out about them from their "flower pulls" instagram posts.

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Why I Side Hustle & More Importantly Why You should side hustle with us

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/7/18 7:58 PM

We are here at the Team Flower conference really trying to take in as much as possible on options to expand Fetes de Fleurs in the coming year ahead. I had some great conversations with my lovely MOMMA on the way down from Charleston, SC to Ponte Vedra, FL to drop off my puppy Poppy for the rest of the week while I am down here. I actually said it for the first time,

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