What to expect when hosting a floral arranging class for your residence event  

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/19/17 10:22 PM

We did a floral arranging class with the some of the residents of 1201 Midtown in Mount Pleasant, SC this week. It was such a lovely time and I thought it would be fun to recap with some of the pictures to show you all what a floral arranging class is like.

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5 Things to Expect at Flower Arranging Classes  

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/18/17 10:46 AM

If you are like me...in my down time I peruse Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, etc for inspiration to help my creative self shine.

I have always loved a good ladies night out on the town.

I love trying new restaurants, new bars, and I love to meet other women and ladies around the city that I live in.

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