The Guide to a Bachelorette Party Los Angeles

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/23/18 9:50 PM

I cannot get enough of the LA area. There is so much to do, see and take part in. There are also plenty of areas of LA to spend your bachelorette weekend. I went to LA this past week from Thursday to Sunday to spend some time there with friends who live there as well as a friend in from NYC. I am actually in the process of seeing what city I want to move to next and LA is on the short list so far. So exciting because I really want to have a branch of Fetes in the LA area. Only seems, well, super fitting for us to have a presence there.

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Silk Fall Flower Crown Workshop for a Fall Bachelorette Party Activity

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/14/18 8:49 AM

We had the chance to spend some time yesterday afternoon with a group of five ladies celebrating their bride to be in Charleston, SC for a Charleston bachelorette party.

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Iridescent Purple Flower Earrings: Leather Fall Florals for all the Fall Outfits

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/13/18 2:46 PM

We found the BEST florals for our latest fall flower earrings collection over on our ecommerce site, the Flower Crown Bar.

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Black Flower Earrings for Your Holiday Looks

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/12/18 10:12 AM

The holidays will be here in no time. That is why we thought we would get to work on our holiday flower earrings collection. Right now we have 2 flower earrings up but we plan on putting more up on the Flower Crown Bar ecommerce site as soon as we come up with our best work!

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The Flower Crown Veil

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/4/18 10:14 AM

I have Google alerts setup for almost every keyword set that comes along with anything flower crown, crown or veil. It is so fun to see ideas and all the cool looks that brides to be and bride tribes come up with. One that has been making a come back is the bridal veil for bachelorette parties. There is a fun twist we are seeing which is adding a veil to the flower crown.

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Day of the Dead Flower Crown

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/3/18 9:49 AM

Halloween is coming up ya'll and I am trying to get prepped and ready for all the Halloween themed flower crowns over on our little e-commerce shop the Flower Crown Bar.

One of the Halloween flower crowns that we are going to do is the Day of the Dead Flower Crown. We thought it might be fun to research what the Day of the Dead Flower Crown really means and let you in on the secret. If you are planning on doing the Day of the Dead as your costume this Halloween you might want to know the meaning behind it is so you can tell all your friends while you are partying. I like to think any costume that I pick has a meaning and would love to be able to tell my friends the meaning too! 

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The White Flower Crown

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/2/18 8:14 PM

A white flower crown is requested mostly for bridal showers, the wedding day itself and of course bachelorette parties. I thought I would write out what my favorite white flower crowns are and give you examples of what to ask for you if you are thinking of ordering a flower crown for a bridal activity coming up.

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The Bridal Shower Flower Crown is the Cutest Bridal Shower Gift Idea

Posted by Ali Powell on 9/27/18 10:50 AM

Bridal showers always make me giddy. Yes, GIDDY! I get excited for them because they have everything I love:

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A Wine Themed Bachelorette Party with Flower Crowns- Will you Accept this ROSE?!

Posted by Ali Powell on 9/7/18 9:38 AM

Picking your bachelorette party theme can be just as hard as finally deciding on a location. Once your have your bachelorette party destination then you need to figure out the overall direction and theme of your weekend. We are starting to round up some of our favorite bachelorette theme party ideas for you in our blog post recaps of our parties. Our flower crown bachelorette parties tend to have some kind of overall theme to their bachelorette weekends so we thought we would incorporate those into the party recaps to give you some ideas for your bachelorette party themes for your weekend trips!

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Something Blue Flower Crown for the Traditional Bride to Be

Posted by Ali Powell on 8/31/18 9:59 AM

We finally launched our online shop!

We are so excited because now you can shop all things flower crowns online. We will always do our in person flower crown parties but this option now allows you to buy flower crowns online at the click of a button. We ship nationwide too.

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