Flower Theme Party Celebrations with Fetes de Fleurs

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/13/18 9:40 PM

Flower Theme Party Celebrations with Fetes de Fleurs

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/13/18 9:40 PM
Ali Powell
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We love how florals are working their way into so many parts of our lives lately! I keep seeing ads and posts about florals and it makes me oh so happy. Flowers are really an amazing thing and so seeing how many brands are catching on to them being something beautiful to celebrate makes me happy.

Flower Theme Party Options

Flowers are girly. Flowers are happy. Flowers are fun. Florals are perfect for a party or a celebration.

flower theme party

We just got back from the TeamFlower conference and want to start offering more options for our flower parties. We have and ALWAYS will specialize in flower crown parties because that is what we are born from. I love flower crowns and I love the happiness that can come from creating something so beautiful that you can wear on your head like a well, crown! Because who doesn't love to be crowned? BUT, we know there are so many other fun, flowery options that we could add to our floral party options.

flower theme party options

Please check out our flower party theme menu options below:

floral theme party options


flower theme party options

These are not the end all be all for our flower theme options but we want to give you some options when you start planning a bachelorette party, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, event, celebration, etc. If there is a reason flowers, florals or greenery could be involved we really want you to think of Fetes de Fleurs as your flower party company.

These are just our first options that we thought of and will we be adding on more options as the weeks go by and spring turns to summer. 

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We of course would love to hear from you what options you are looking for as additions to our current flower parties as well as one off options to buy florals through us. 

We will always be a flower party company and it makes sense for us to venture into new floral creations that we can create for you or with your party group. 

These flower theme party options are good for:

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