Birthday Party Ideas for Adult Women

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/15/17 2:22 PM

Birthday Party Ideas for Adult Women

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/15/17 2:22 PM
Ali Powell
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Planning a birthday party is probably one of the funnest things one can do. If you know me at all you know that I am obsessed with holidays and celebrations. If there is a reason to celebrate something or someone I am the first person to want to do that. I will celebrate all small and big wins, all small and big holidays deserve a celebration. Just as do all birthdays. :)

Birthday Party Ideas for Moms

As I get older and see more birthday celebrations in my 30's I definitely see a change in the direction of how birthday parties for adult women are changing. Yes, everyone still loves a dinner and night out for a birthday. But, what about when you want to have a fun night in at home with your girlfriends for your birthday party.

birthday party ideas for adult women

The floral arranging birthday party was born...

What's better than your girlfriends, some wine, flowers and greenery along with learning a new skill that you can use in the future when foraging flowers in your back yard or when you stop by trader joes that week for food and flowers?

adult women birthday party ideas

I had the chance to do a floral arranging birthday party with a group of 6 lovely women here in Charleston. The hostess of the night was actually hosting the birthday party for her sister (which I thought was so lovely and cute).

floral arranging birthday party

What a nice touch to have a birthday party in the home on a week night with your closet friends. They had a spread of appetizers set out and wine for the guests of the birthday party. Fetes de Fleurs setup the floral arranging party in the dining room. When guests were all there and had some time to talk and catch up we got started on the floral arranging party.

relaxing birthday party ideas

What to expect when hosting a floral arranging birthday party.

Fetes de Fleurs will work with the host or hostess of the birthday party on the details on what kind of floral activity we would be teaching and doing during the adult birthday party. For this birthday party we did a fall floral arrangement for Thanksgiving week coming up. But, there are all kinds of flowery activities we can do for a birthday party.

chic birthday party ideas in the home

We will come and setup wherever you would like us to. We tend to need a space that has access to water, yes flowers like water. :) We need an area like a table where we can get all the flowers, greenery and supplies setup for the floral party.

floral arranging party

We setup the space for whatever kind of flower party you are hosting with Fetes de Fleurs and when you are ready to get started we will begin the PARTY (class)...

host a flower arranging party

The best part about hosting a flower party is that everyone's personality somehow comes out in the end product. It is so much fun seeing how serious certain friends get about being really good at the flower process. Some are perfectionists and some want lots of help. Whatever your style we are there to support your group and help you along the way.

how to host a floral arranging party

You will definitely come away from the flower party learning a new skill that you can bring home with you to help you flower party at home!

 Request a flowery birthday party by clicking on the picture below or go here to request more information on our flowery birthday party packages! New Call-to-action


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