DIY Summer Wreaths for a Fun Summery Group Activity

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/25/17 10:15 AM

DIY Summer Wreaths for a Fun Summery Group Activity

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/25/17 10:15 AM
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DIY summer wreaths is a lot easier than you might think. It is also a really affordable, fun summer activity for you and a group of friends to do one night after work. Any DIY activity that I do with flowers and greenery needs to be one where I am learning a new skill (or teaching a new skill), getting creative with flowers, and where I can use the thing we make in different and fun ways.


DIY summer wreaths

We hosted a DIY summer wreath making class here in the Charleston area last week with a group of residents from Element at Carolina Bay, 

DIY Summer wreaths for a fun summer activity

If you happen to work at an apartment complex or a community development where a large group of people live you should really consider hosting a flower party as a resident event. If you are interested in learning more about hosting a residence event with Fetes de Fleurs you can fill out the form here. Happy to chat about a potential residence event for your residents including flowers and creativity where they learn a new skill that they can use after that night's activity and lessons.

Supplies you will need to DIY Summer Wreaths:

Dollar stores have the BEST, cheaper options for floral supplies and wreath supplies. I highly recommend using dollar or budget stores before going to the more expensive stores to buy your faux flowers or greenery for your wreaths.

The Dollar Tree has a whole floral section online and in their stores that I frequent for my flower party classes.

For DIY summer wreath parties you can either use faux greenery and flowers or real flowers and greenery.

Think about how you want to use the wreath and what the purpose of the wreath will be. If you want to put it on your front door I would suggest doing faux flowers and faux greenery for your DIY summer wreath. If you want to use the DIY summer wreath for a night when guests are over or want the flowers to dry out then go with real flowers for your summer wreath.

1. Metal wrings to create the base your wreath. These ones at the Dollar Tree stores cost $1 DOLLAR! Yes, $1 dollar. Go buy some.


DIY Summer wreath supplies

2. Another option for your wreath base is using willow wreath base.

3. You will need wire cutters, scissors, floral tape and floral wire. These are the things that you will use to attach the greenery and flowers to the base of your DIY Summer Wreath.

Creating your DIY Summer Wreath once you have your supplies ready to go.

1. The first step is attaching the greenery to your wreath base. You will do this by cutting up longer greenery to attach to the base of the crown by wrapping it around the wire wreath base. 

2. You will then want to  attach the flowers to the wreath base using the floral wire and/or the floral tape. 

I know that I can make my own video showing you how to do it but for now this wreath making video from Afloral will do great! I would literally show you the same thing so use this one for now and when I have time I will create my own video tutorial for you. 

 See images below from a residence event we had where the group made DIY Summer wreaths. 

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