Introducing Flower Earrings as your Bridesmaid gifts or bridesmaid Earrings 

Posted by Ali Powell on 4/2/18 1:52 PM

Introducing Flower Earrings as your Bridesmaid gifts or bridesmaid Earrings 

Posted by Ali Powell on 4/2/18 1:52 PM
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We have launched our flower jewelry over on our sister website called Bijoux de Fleurs. 

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Bijoux de Fleurs is supposed to mean Flower Jewelry in French (from what I have seen). Hoping that for anyone out there who does speak French that I am at least some what correct on this one. BECAUSE we know that when I landed on the name of Fetes de Fleurs for this flower party business there were some French speaking people who came out and told me that I was kind of right but not what it completely meant. Oh well, let's hope for the best on this one. :) 

Flower Earrings for Bridesmaid Gifts!

Bridal jewelry is a hot topic for anyone getting married. Brides are always thinking about what their bridesmaids, bridal party, and flower girls are going to wear. One of the things that tend to come up is the idea of the bridesmaid earrings and what they will wear on their ears for the special day. Bridesmaid earrings also tend to be a great bridesmaid gift or bachelorette party favors that the bride can give ahead of the wedding weekend. 

Bachelorette party favors

I started this business based off of everything there is around flowers and how girly they are. I love girly anything and what is more girly than flower earrings. Flower earrings make for the most perfect bridesmaid gift or bridesmaid favor. They are great on their own too just worn day to day to spruce up your outfit with a great statement earring. I haven't seen anything quite like them out there online perusing sites for "flower earrings" so I decided to start making flower earrings on my own. I started wearing them out and about around town in Charleston and ladies everywhere were like, "Oh my GOSH I love your earrings, where did you get them?" So what better way to start another part of our business than when you hear people want to wear them and buy them? Might as well let them! 

Flower Earrings

These flower earrings are LIGHT WEIGHT which I love because my ear lobes have started to pull down over the years from wearing so many heavy statement earrings. These are light weight, flouncy, bouncy little gems of joy that you can wear on your ears. It has been such a joy creating these and getting them just right to sell now. You can use these flower earrings as something you want to wear on your own which I do a lot! But, they also make for a great add on to our core flower crown party packages. Girls, and ladies have told me they are using them on their bachelorette party weekend as bachelorette favors for the girls in their bachelorette party bags. What a great idea and would love to see the flower crown parties wearing these earrings as an option to the traditional flower crown on a bachelorette party. Think the bride to be in the white flower earrings and the rest of the bride tribe in other colored flower earrings. How cute would that be? 

View our flower jewelry website here on Bijoux de Fleurs or visit our Etsy flower shop here.  We can create custom orders too where you tell you the colors of the flower petals that you want, how many earrings, etc and we will create custom flower earrings for you! 

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