Floral Earrings are the Hottie Patottie Statement Look for this Summer Season Ahead

Posted by Ali Powell on 5/10/18 10:21 AM

Floral Earrings are the Hottie Patottie Statement Look for this Summer Season Ahead

Posted by Ali Powell on 5/10/18 10:21 AM
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Every website you go to you see florals. Flowers on shirts, dresses, bags, shoes, jewelry, etc.

Florals are in, in, in. That makes me oh so happy because well I happen to like floral anything and everything A LOT and I am going to assume that if you are on this website you probably like flowers too :) I like real flowers. Fake flowers. Silk flowers. I will take all the flowers. Any kind of flowers and if I can wear flowers somehow - well that is all the better in my opinion. 

I happen to live in a place where each month there are new flowers growing all around me. That inspires me to create my floral earrings and I hope you will enjoy them as we launch more collections. The basis for this collection is hot pink. So you will find that these flower earrings are revolved around the color pink. :)

hot pink floral earrings

There are so many good reasons to love the color pink but thought I would give you a few of my favorite quotes about the color pink to inspire you to wear hot pink flower earrings on your ears this summer season!

pink flower earrings


You can check out all of our flower earrings on our website here called Bijoux de Fleurs.

This is a sister site of Fetes de Fleurs and will be our home spot for flower jewelry that we sell in our online flower earrings shop.


You can see all of the options of pink flower earrings in the online shop here.

flower earrings

 flower earrings


We hope you like the flower earrings! We think they are great for the summer season ahead of us. They look great on and everyone will comment on how cute and different they are! We hope you will come wear flower earrings with us this summer.

flower earrings

They are perfect for everyday or a night out on the town to dress up a summer dress. We also think they make for great bachelorette party gifts, bachelorette party favors and even bridesmaid gifts or bridesmaid earrings.

hot pink flower hoop earrings


If you want a custom order with custom colors, flowers and beads just hit us up at ali@fetesdefleurs.com and we can make your flower dreams come true! 


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