Classy Bachelorette Party Gifts for the Bachelorette Party Gift Bags

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/17/18 12:00 PM

Classy Bachelorette Party Gifts for the Bachelorette Party Gift Bags

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/17/18 12:00 PM
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Most bachelorette parties I see have a part of their airbnb or hotel room setup with bachelorette party gift bags. These bachelorette party gift bags can have a bunch of different things in them and are usually surrounded by a bachelorette party theme for the bachelorette weekend.

bachelorette party gift bags

Instead of having bachelorette party favors that are things the group will only use for that weekend try and buy bachelorette party gifts that the girls will LOVE and actually want to use again after the bachelorette party weekend.

Here are some easy and fun ideas for your bachelorette party gifts to add to the bachelorette party gift bags.

Straw bags to put the gifts in.

If you are having a beach themed bachelorette party I think the straw bag is perfect. You can use this bag throughout the weekend while heading out to the beach or pool and then also after the weekend. Everyone loves a straw bag.

Classy bachelorette party gifts

Straw hats for the beach or pool.

Keeping in line with my favorite theme which is straw or rattan anything and everything we would definitely add in straw hats to the mix. Straw hats are perfect for the beach and sunning on your bachelorette weekend. You will also have the cutest photo opps with the straw hats that you can love after the weekend too. I love hanging straw hats on the wall too so this bachelorette party gift will be loved after the weekend debachery comes to an end too.

Chic, Beachy Bachelorette Party Gifts


Flower earrings with rattan beads.

Our newest line of Fetes de Fleurs flower earrings are the cutest ones yet. I personally love straw and rattan anything so I was set on creating flower earrings with rattan beads. Rattan beads are hard to come by but I finally got my hand on some and have ordered more so I can start making more of these flower earrings with the rattan beads in them.

rattan straw earrings


straw flower earrings


rattan earrings

We love a theme for any party especially a bachelorette bash. We hope you enjoyed these ideas for your bachelorette party gift bags. So grab your straw beach bag, your straw hat and throw on some fetes flower earrings for your bachelorette party weekend. We promise your bachelorette tribe will be super happy with the bachelorette party favors and bachelorette party gifts because they can use all three of these options after the bachelorette party weekend.

You can buy these rattan flower earrings here on our Shopify site.

flower crown party



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