The 2019 Guide to GIRLY Bachelorette Party Themes: The Wine Themed Bachelorette Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/14/19 10:23 AM

The 2019 Guide to GIRLY Bachelorette Party Themes: The Wine Themed Bachelorette Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/14/19 10:23 AM
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So you fell in love over drinking wine with your man to be? Now he has popped the question over some shared bottles of vino? Time to think about your bachelorette party theme? What is better than a Wine Themed Bachelorette Party for your bride to be? If you and your girlfriends love wine then we think we have the bachelorette party theme for you.

The Wine themed bachelorette party is one of my faves because well its revolved around one of our favorite past times, WINE! 

wine themed bachelorette party

Every bachelorette party weekend requires a few different things that you must plan for. If you are still undecided on your bachelorette party theme for your weekend make sure you check out our roundup of the best 2019 Bachelorette Party Themes. We hope that they inspire you in picking your bachelorette party theme as you plan the best bach bash ever. 

For the wine lover, rose lover and overall vino enthusiast we have picked our favorite ideas and things you must have for a Wine Themed Bachelorette Party. Now, get out your favorite glass of wine and enjoy while checking out our ideas below.

2019 bachelorette party themes

Top Bachelorette Party T-Shirt ideas and Bachelorette Hashtags for a Wine Themed Bachelorette Party:

  • Vino Before Vows
  • Stop and Smell the Rose
  • Bitches love Wine
  • When I Sip, You Sip, We Sip
  • Rose all DAY
  • Wine Girl Wasted
  • I'm on Cloud WINE
  • Hit Me Baby One More Wine
  • Love the Wine You're With
  • Pour the Wine, his Last Name is Mine
  • Love the Wine You're With
  • You Had Me at Merlot
  • How Merlot Can you Go
  • Vino before Vows
  • Can't Sip With Us
  • Wine NOT!
  • Everything Happens for a Riesling
  • Just Here for the Wine
  • I Need a Screw (wine opener here)
  • I Make POUR Decisions
  • Sip Squad
  • ROSE Squad
  • Fine Like Wine
  • Sauvignon BLANC Out
  • Will You Accept this Rose?

If you are going somewhere warm for a beach bachelorette party or a warm climate bachelorette party weekend we HIGHLY recommend jumping on the FROSE bandwagon. We CANNOT leave out our beloved FROSE because that is a huge part of any warm weather bachelorette party weekend. If you are not drinking some frose or at least trying to make your own frose on a bachelorette party weekend then you have not done it right. 

rose bachelorette party ideas

We have some fun bachelorette party FROSE hastags and slogans for your rose bachelorette party theme bash too.  

You can use any of these slogans or bachelorette hashtags on balloons, t-shirts, and other decorations for your bachelorette party weekend:

  • FROSE is BAE
  • Sip, Sip, FROSE
  • Stop and Smell the FROSE
  • Frose the Day Away
  • La Vie end FROSE
  • Slay then FROSE
  • FROSE Colored Glasses
  • Will You Accept this FROSE
  • Cool as FROSE

Okay, wow...girls I could keep going and going and going and going. There are SO MANY different bachelorette hashtags for a wine themed bachelorette party. You can use these as a jumping off point for sure. You can pretty much use any of these in a combo for t-shirts for the bachelorette party weekend as well as for banners for your hotel room/s or airbnb.

There is this really dope company called Chanme Frose that will ship you Frose in pouches to your bachelorette party destination and of course their URL is Frose all Day! We think flower crowns and Chanme Frose are a SURE thing this upcoming Spring and Summer for bachelorette weekends including FROSE themes. All you do is freeze these pouches and then squeeze, FROSE. I can't think of anything more perfect for a wine theme bachelorette party.

wine themed bachelorette party ideas

The Cutest Wine Bachelorette Party Theme Favors and Wine Themed Bachelorette Gifts and Favors

Wine Girl Wasted Crown

We love when girls have cute headbands to wear. We are of course partial to anything that has flowers on it and would love to have you make flower crowns with us or order flower crowns for your wine bachelorette party theme but if you decide not to do that you HAVE TO check out these fun wine night crowns by Festivefashionista on Etsy. She has the cutest different crowns with custom sayings and hashtags. I think it would be super fun and easy to add on flowers to these crowns through one of our flower parties too.

wine themed bachelorette party decorations

Chanme Frose Pouches

We already mentioned this above but didn't want to leave it out. The packages come with 4 frose pouches in the box. If you go to their website here you will see that they ship to most states and you purchase 4 pouches for $19.99. I mean that is pretty cool and I definitely think these are a must do for a summer bachelorette or beach bachelorette party.

rose bachelorette party gifts

Wine floats or Rose Float for Pools

I can't help but think that when bachelorette groups are doing a wine themed bachelorette party that they are going to be somewhere with warm weather. Maybe you planned an airbnb with a big pool or have a hotel with a pool or maybe going to the beach. You will definitely need to have rose floats or wine floats for your time in the sun.

rose bachelorette party favors


Drinking buddies drink markers

I def love these little dudes. I think they make for fun markers on your wine glass so you know which one is yours. Of course you could do wine tassels or wine charms on your glasses too but these are so much more fun and silly. I love that they have funny little names on their bums. Everyone can pick a name and keep that drinking buddy for the weekend of wine.

wine bachelorette party ideas

Rose flower earrings

We love the idea of rose colored or pink colored flower earrings for the bride tribe. Then maybe get the bride to be some white flower earrings to wear on the bachelorette party weekend. Imagine sipping rose or wine while wearing flower earrings. You can request custom flower earrings from us by emailing or filling out the form here.

pink flower earrings

Rose or Pink Flower Crowns

Pink flower crowns, or a light pink flower crown will be a perfect addition to any wine themed bachelorette party. We can make the pink flower crowns for you and ship to you or drop off if you are having a bachelorette party in a location where we have a flower party hostess. Or we can do the flower crown workshop where we come to your hotel or airbnb to show your bride tribe how to make flower crowns. If this was the case for the wine themed bachelorette party we would of course bring colors that match the wine that you are drinking ladies! You can request custom flower crowns for your bride tribe here or if you are wanting to do a flower crown workshop and we have a flower party in the city you are spending your bach weekend in you can request via that city's location landing page.

pink flower crowns

Rose sweatshirts

If you are wanting to get a bachelorette gift that is priced at a good price point for the bride tribe that they can wear again after the bach weekend we love these vino and rose sweatshirts that we found on Etsy here. They are at a really great price point and look like good quality from what we can see. At $22 a pop they are perfect price point for a group who wants to save money for the weekend ahead. They also have 55 different sayings that you can pick from on their Etsy shop and cute colors to pick from too.

bachelorette party themes

Wine bachelorette party t-shirts

We found another great option for bachelorette party t-shirts on Etsy. Etsy is definitely a go to for lots of bachelorette parties. Just search the theme on Etsy's search bar and you will get back lots of gems to pick from for your bachelorette party favors and bachelorette party gifts in line with your bachelorette party theme that the group picked. This company has tons of different sayings to pick from in line with the wine themed bachelorette party and also lots of sizes and colors.

wine bachelorette party sweatshirts

A wine or rose bachelorette banner

You are going to want to hang up some kind of bachelorette party decorations in our airbnb or hotel room. We found a cute shop on Etsy called NeonConfettiClub that has some really cute options that are also priced really great. I definitely think you need to spend some money on bachelorette party decorations but also think its a way smarter idea to save money for bachelorette party activities and what you are going to do on the bachelorette party weekend. Check out their cute wine themed banner here.

rose bachelorette party decorations

Metallic Rose Sunglasses

I love sunglasses in general but put a metallic rose finish on them and well hello, we will take them, thanks. These are perfect if you are going to spend the bachelorette bash in a warm location by a pool or a beach. These are $4.95 and come in 2 options of either metallic rose sunglasses with sayings: bride tribe or bride. We love these and think they will also be cool to wear after the bachelorette weekend comes to an end. I could see wearing them on the plane ride home sleeping. :)

rose bachelorette party sunglasses

Team bride sashes

These are such cute colors and are really in line with a rose bachelorette party theme. If you are wanting to wear out bachelorette sashes one night or one day for your bachelorette party weekend we love these.

cute bachelorette party sashes

Bachelorette Party Confetti with Wine Glasses

Bachelorette party confetti is an easy way to jazz up your bachelorette party airbnb or hotel room. You can throw this stuff all around the room or tables and it jazzes up the space with little effort and money down. We love these designs because some of the confetti pieces are cut out like little wine glasses and some are cut out with sayings like, "one last syrah."

bachelorette party confetti

Wine themed bachelorette party tattoos

Okay, I know maybe you think the temporary tattoos for bach parties are stupid but I don't. I think they are super fun and also a cheaper option if you are looking to save some money, honey. Also, when you are sipping that rose and it starts going to your head you will have fun trying to put these babies on all your bride tribe group. When I Sip, You Sip, WE SIP!

wine bachelorette party tattoos


Okay, so are you sold on doing a wine themed bachelorette party? If you are doing this theme we would love to see your photos so please tag us! If you have any other cute and girly ideas for a wine bachelorette party theme or a rose bachelorette party theme comment below with them! 

If you are looking to add in a flower crown workshop or order flower crowns from us for your wine bachelorette party or rose bachelorette party you can email us at with what you are looking for and we will hook a sister up! 

Have fun on your bachelorette party weekend- whatever you decide to do! 

 flower crown party


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