Flowery Bridal Shower Favor Ideas that Won't Disappoint the Bride to be or the Bridal Shower Guests

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/30/17 8:02 PM

Flowery Bridal Shower Favor Ideas that Won't Disappoint the Bride to be or the Bridal Shower Guests

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/30/17 8:02 PM
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Bridal showers are so fun because you get to see your bestie all pretty and excited that she is getting married. I love love so any reason to celebrate someone being in love I am down for!

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Bridal showers can incorporate activities into the celebration that also double as bridal shower favors. Anything that helps entertain the guests and doubles as a trinket or party favor to take home I am all about.


Bridal shower flower crown party

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Allow your guests to make flower crowns that they can take home with them as a bridal shower favor. You will also have adorable flowery pictures of all of your girls in their flower crowns from your bridal shower. The flower crown favors are a fun way to incorporate flowers into your bridal shower with an activity where the guests can get creative with flowers.

Bridal shower wreath making party

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Gather your bridal shower party for a wreath making class. You can buy faux or real greenery/flowers to make your wreaths. In general if you don't want to have dried our flowers then I would suggest using silk flowers and silk greenery. I promise they will not look bad and will not disappoint. Your bridal shower guests can leave the celebration taking home a fun new wreath that they made as well as a new skill in wreath making.

Flower bouquet bar

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Allow your bridal shower guests to make up a flower arrangement via a flower crown bar at the end of the celebration. All you need is some cut up flowers and greenery put into cute vases or buckets. Grab some ribbon and scissors, let your guests have at it in creating their own bouquet from your flowers by the stem bar.

Flower necklace making party

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You can use faux or real flowers to make custom necklaces at the bridal shower. You will also be able to put all the flower necklaces on after everyone is done and take some fun pictures. Once again, learning a new skill by being creative with flowers.

Flower arranging party

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Gather up some flowers, greenery, and vases to create a flower arranging bridal shower. Your guests will leave with a beautiful arrangement to take home after celebrating the bride to be.

The best part about allowing your bridal shower to get its flower party on is that everyone's creations will be different. It is so fun and entertaining to see the differences in what the ladies create. Everyone's personality really does come through when having flower parties. Everyone always says, "wow, I can't believe how different everyone's designs are." That is the best part about incorporating flowers into a celebration like a bridal shower. All of your guests have a chance to get creative with a fun activity where they will learn a new skill to take home.

Let's flower party for your bridal shower!

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