Charleston Bachelorette Ideas

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/1/18 10:53 AM

Charleston Bachelorette Ideas

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/1/18 10:53 AM
Ali Powell
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Charleston is a great place to visit for OH SO many reasons.

Charleston bachelorette weekend ideas

We moved here in March from Boston and have been working our way in and around bachelorette parties since then. In the process we have tried and done so many fun things that we think all bachelorette parties would want to know about!

We want you to have the Charleston bachelorette party 101 on what you should be thinking about as you plan out your Charleston bachelorette party weekend and your Charleston bachelorette ideas.

Charleston bachelorette ideas

Here is what we think you should think about when planning your Charleston bachelorette party weekend.

1. Think about what kind of weekend you want overall.

What kind of theme or vibe do you want for your weekend here? Charleston is definitely a foodie and drinking town so think about what you want to eat and drink while here and plan it out as much as you can so you hit the places on your list. Does your group want to eat and drink a lot? Does your group want to do workout activities? Does your group want to go to the beach and be on the water as much as possible? Really figure out what you think the group wants to get out of the short trip here to Charleston. There is so much you can do in 1 weekend so try and focus on your planning before you get here to make sure you hit the right things for the group coming.

frose your way through charleston 2

Eat and drink your way through Charleston.

2. Pick what part of Charleston you want to stay in.

where do you want to stay in charleston sc

There are many different areas and neighborhoods of the greater Charleston area that you can have your home base for your bachelorette party weekend. Talk to your group of friends about what they want from the weekend to figure out where you should call home base. Do you want to be at a beach or downtown?

  • Downtown Charleston
  • Folly Beach
  • Kiawah Island
  • Sullivan's Island
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Isle of Palms Beach

You should think about if you want to spend time at the beach mostly or if you want to be in walking distance of downtown shops, restaurants and bars. If you stay at a beach town (folly beach, sullivan's or Isle of Palms) you will be taking ubers back and forth to downtown for dinners, shopping and going out. Totally fine, but just know what kind of weekend you are looking for so you are prepared for that. There are some great, great houses on the beaches that you can stay at with pools and walking distance to beaches. There are also benefits to staying downtown if you want to be able to walk everywhere and bop around on your own time while staying here. I think there are benefits to both. If you stay downtown make sure you take an uber out to the beach though for a day time trip and hit up some restaurants at the beach to get the beach vibe too.

3. Decide if you want to stay in a hotel or an Airbnb?

charleston bachelorette weekend - where to stay

There are so, so, so many good areas of just downtown Charleston that you can stay in that are all walking distance to many great restaurants, shopping and bars. You can also stay at a beach town outside of the main downtown area. After you decide on that you will need to decide if you want to stay in a house (airbnb) or at a hotel. There are pluses and minuses to both so just weigh your options.

4. What kind of weekend do you want?

Do you think your group wants to beach it up and get as much sun as possible? Or does the group want to hit up as many bars and restaurants as possible? Do they want to go to a plantation? Think about what ya'll want and try and plan those things out as much as you can.

how to explore charleston sc

5. Do you want activities for your Charleston bachelorette weekend?

There is so much history, architecture, beautiful flowers and spaces for you to just EXPLORE and WANDER around through. I highly suggest spending some of your time just walking the streets of downtown Charleston to see all the beautiful homes, architecture, color and flowers. You will not regret spending an afternoon wandering around the streets of downtown. If you like riding bikes I highly recommend spending an afternoon biking the streets of Charleston with your girl gang. Do you want to go paddle boarding? Do you want a yoga class or barre class? Do you want a flower crown party?

charleston beaches

6. What kinds of food do you want to have while here?

There are tons of good restaurants to experience while here. Do you want to eat dinners out? Do you want brunch out one day or a couple of days? Think about the meals you want to have out and which ones you might have at the house or hotel. I highly recommend reading up on the hottest restaurants before coming here because restaurants get booked fast here especially for a larger group. Plan ahead of time and book out options if you are hoping to get into the best restaurants here.

7. What do you want to experience while in the low country?

low country bachelorette paty weekend

Between Savannah and Charleston lies a stretch of land lined with oak trees, pristine coastline, and all the barbecue and fresh seafood you can eat.

Do you want to take a drive from Charleston to Beaufort and back for a day on your weekend here?


If you dream of seeing treescapes like this one below then you need to incorporate some drives through the low country of your trip here. You will not regret it if you love magical greenery like this.


8. Do you want Charleston bachelorette party favors?

There are so many amazing local Charleston brands and Charleston makers and creators that can help you supply your bachelorette party with awesome party favors. Check out this blog post on what Charleston brands we recommend using for your Charleston bachelorette party favors.

Charleston bachelorette party favors from local Charleston makers-1

We hope this was helpful!

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We are more than happy to chat with your group of bachelorette party ladies to help you figure out your best plan for your Charleston bachelorette party weekend. We hope you will check out our flower crown parties for your weekend here as a great activity to do while here in Charleston!

flower crown party


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