A Talk with the CEO of Mayesh Wholesale on Floral Souring and Substitutions

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/8/18 3:22 PM

A Talk with the CEO of Mayesh Wholesale on Floral Souring and Substitutions

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/8/18 3:22 PM
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Pat the CEO of Mayesh Wholesale came to the TeamFlower Conference to speak to us about floral sourcing and substitutions. Mayesh is a favorite of mine due to finding out about them from their "flower pulls" instagram posts.

Here is what a Mayesh pull looks like and if you want to I highly suggest following this hashtag on Instagram here #MyMayeshPull.

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First off, when he started talking I really started to like him. He first mentioned how when he walked in off his flight how excited he was to see the 1st timers, the 1st year flower businesses up there on the stage for their 1st business birthday. He was inspired to come talk to us here at the TeamFlower Conference because he wants to empower more 1st timers to get into the floral space. I loved that of course since we are a budding business.

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On a side note before I get started on what I learned in his talk is that you should check out their Mayesh flower workshops for 2018 here. I am pumped to be attending the 2018 Mayesh workshop in Charleston (my city) in May.

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I am aware of what happens and what you need to learn as a 1st time floral person so if you aren't already following their blog you should start following the Mayesh Blog here. You can follow Mayesh on Instagram here.

Top 10 wedding flowers sold at Mayesh in 2017

  • Tuplips
  • Cymbidium orchids
  • Calla lilies
  • Lisianthus
  • Phalaenopsis orchids
  • Dahlias
  • Ranunulus
  • Peonies
  • Hydragea
wedding flowers of 2017


The number 1 wedding flower sold by Mayesh in 2017 was:


Includes standard roses, garden roses and spray roses...

Never before has the flower industry had a seat at the table like we do today.

Products people spend on theirselves to enhance their lives.

Flowers are that.

We have to keep pushing to get more flowers in more people's hands. This is what Peter said and I love that and completely agree. I can't wait to bring more flowers to the party with Fetes de Fleurs. 

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