What to expect when hosting a floral arranging class for your residence event  

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/19/17 10:22 PM

What to expect when hosting a floral arranging class for your residence event  

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/19/17 10:22 PM
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We did a floral arranging class with the some of the residents of 1201 Midtown in Mount Pleasant, SC this week. It was such a lovely time and I thought it would be fun to recap with some of the pictures to show you all what a floral arranging class is like.

Floral arranging class

We were lucky enough to be able to source our flowers from a lovely flower farmer here in South Carolina called Yuri Hana Flower Farm.

flower arranging classes

You can follow Yuri Hana Flower Farm on Instagram here.

The best part about working with local flower farmers on events is that the flowers are always harvested either that day or the day before. So depending on the day of the event we are hosting we tend to have really, really freshly harvested flowers and greenery. Whereas if you sourced flowers another way you don't know when they were harvested or cut. This means we get fresh, locally grown flowers and support another South Carolina business which is great for everyone.

ideas for residence events

 What to expect at a floral arranging class for a resident event:

  • We work with the property managers of the apartment complex or club house in the neighborhood to come up with a theme for the flower party.

ideas for residence events

  • A lot of times when we do flower parties for a resident event we do floral arranging classes, wreath making classes or flower crown parties.

Flower arranging party

  • We arrive hopefully (depending on traffic) about 15-30 minutes early to setup before the start time.


  • The classes typically take 2 hours total time.

Flower arranging classes

  • The number of attendees can vary but the best groups tend to be around 8-10 people. We can handle up to 20 for a class but 10 is an ideal number. That way we can work with your residents more one on one and provide more help and personal guidance.

flower farmer flowers

  • We want your residents to leave the resident event knowing a new skill involving flowers. We want the participants to leave feeling like they have done something creative and fun for their evening out!

ideas for resident events

  • We provide and bring all supplies for the flower party including greenery, flowers, etc.

flower arranging workshop

  • We also bring ROSE for the group to enjoy!
Floral arranging classes

 Request a flower party (floral arranging, flower crown party) for your residence event by going here. 


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