5 Things to Expect at Flower Arranging Classes  

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/18/17 10:46 AM

5 Things to Expect at Flower Arranging Classes  

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/18/17 10:46 AM
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If you are like me...in my down time I peruse Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, etc for inspiration to help my creative self shine.

I have always loved a good ladies night out on the town.

I love trying new restaurants, new bars, and I love to meet other women and ladies around the city that I live in.

When I lived in Boston, MA before moving to Charleston, SC I quickly fell in love with flowers, flower arranging classes, flower crown parties, succulents, plants, etc. I would frequent 2 specific floral arranging class companies while living there and those classes sparked my idea for Fetes de Fleurs in Charleston, SC. I will forever be thankful for Alice's Table and Table and Tulip in the South end for teaching me my love of flower arranging and flowers in general.

When deciding to move to Charleston, SC I knew that this lovely, charming, beautiful city would be the perfect spot to have these kinds of flower arranging parties and floral arranging classes. 

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Why is Charleston, SC the perfect spot for floral arranging classes?

1. There are a lot of women that love a fun night out. 

2. There are bachelorette parties a plenty that would love to incorporate flowers into their special weekend celebration.

3. Ladies weekends away scream flower crown parties.

4. Birthday parties with flowers.

5. Brunches with flowers... 

There are so many great bars, and restaurants to try around Charleston that it seems like a natural way to get people together trying a new hot spot while learning a skill that you can actually bring home with you and put into action after your night out. 

5 Things to Expect at a Flower Arranging Class with Fetes de Fleurs:

  1. Learn a new skill that you will be able to take with you home with you that night and be able to put into action that week. 
  2. Meet new women and friends from the local Charleston area. 
  3. Try a new restaurant or bar in Charleston.
  4. Have fun with other creative women on a unique night out where you are actually learning something.
  5. Take in the beauty of flowers and have fun! 

Join us for our floral arranging class in Charleston, SC on Saturday, April 8th from 5-8 PM on Harold's Cabin Roofdeck for a floral arranging class night out. 

Fleur Soiree- (3).png



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