The Best Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas that Incorporate Flowers into Your Bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/19/17 10:37 AM

The Best Bachelorette Party Gift Ideas that Incorporate Flowers into Your Bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/19/17 10:37 AM
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Bachelorette parties can be somewhat overwhelming...but that's only if you make them that way. Bachelorette parties should be FUN! They should be a fun weekend for the bride, the bridesmaids and any friends that join in! Don't let the bachelorette party planning get you down and put a damper on the weekend ahead.

One way to ease the pain of planning is to incorporate ways that the bachelorette weekend plans or events throughout the bachelorette weekend can couple up with bachelorette party gifts at the end of the weekend for your guests to take home. 


Flower Crown bar

Since we are a lover of flowers and a lover of bachelorette parties we wanted to provide you with some fun options that couple as bachelorette party themes as well as great bachelorette party gift ideas to leave the bachelorette weekend behind.

If you are hosting a local bachelorette party near where you all live and are from then you have a few options to incorporate flowers into your weekend.

Incorporate a Bachelorette flower arranging class into your bachelorette weekend.

Spend a morning brunch doing a custom flower arranging class as part of your bachelorette weekend. Arrange to have a flower arranging party come to the airbnb you are staying at, a local bar or restaurant in the town or city the bachelorette party weekend is at, or at your hotel room. Let the florist or flower arranging party company know what colors you want to incorporate into the flower party. The theme of the flower arranging class can be in line with whatever the theme of your bachelorette party weekend is. At the end of your bachelorette weekend the ladies will bring home the best bachelorette party gift ever: a new skill of how to arrange flowers and a vase full of flowers and greenery that she made herself. Keep your bachelorette party smiling into the work week after the sadness of the bachelorette weekend coming to an end hits in.



Host a Flower bouquet building workshop as part of the bachelorette party weekend.

Learning how to build bouquets is so much fun! Whenever you can incorporate a new skill into the bachelorette weekend you should. Your bachelorette party will leave the weekend having learned how to make floral bouquets and be able to take home a beautiful bouquet to put in a vase when they get home. You could even give them a special vase as a take home gift to put the bouquet in. This idea is one you would want to do if you plan on making your own bouquets for your wedding. One of the fun kinds of flower parties that Fetes de Fleurs does for brides is our bridal bouquet building workshop. We teach your group of ladies and you how to make bouquets for the special day. Think of the bachelorette flower bouquet class as a pre-cursor to the real day when you must have the bouquets just right for the wedding. :)


Floral parties -3

Have a flower crown making bar and flower crown class as part of your bachelorette party weekend.

This one can be done if you are traveling to a destination for your bachelorette party weekend or if you are staying local. The best part about flower crowns is that you have a lot of options as what kinds you can make as part of your bachelorette party weekend.

Real flower crowns sent to you in the mail via our flower crown party in a box program.

We will send your bachelorette party a custom flower crown party box filled with all the supplies to either:

a) Make your own flower crowns with all the instructions and either faux or real flowers inside.

b) Custom made flower crowns made to order sent to your hotel, your airbnb, rental house or hotel for your bachelorette party weekend.

Flower crowns from your bachelorette party weekend can be used throughout the whole weekend as photo opps. You will have the best photos with your flower crowns on all your ladies from the weekend.


Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 1.48.32 PM


A flower crown bar party is also another amazing option!



A flower crown bar is where Fetes de Fleurs comes to you. We have florists that we work with in most major cities that we see bachelorette parties going to. We will send you a flower party planner to your hotel, your airbnb, your house, or a restaurant or bar to setup a flower crown bar. The flower crown bar is a fun way to incorporate a fun activity into your bachelorette party weekend where you and your bachelorette friends will make custom flower crowns with the help of our Fetes de Fleurs flower party host.






Guide- How to Make Flower Crowns

 If you want help planning your bachelorette party weekend by incporating something to do with flowers into the weekend just let us know. We are here to help you whether you are coming to Charleston, SC area for your bachelorette party or anywhere else in the country. We send you fun flower crown party boxes in the mail if you don't live here or aren't coming to Charleston for your bachelorette weekend - so fret not!

Let your girlies go home from the bachlorette weekend with a memento that they can treasure that work week ahead! 

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Let's flower party!

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