Options for a Flower Girl Crown or a Flower Girl Flower Crown

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/1/19 1:28 PM

Options for a Flower Girl Crown or a Flower Girl Flower Crown

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/1/19 1:28 PM
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If you have a wedding coming up you are likely thinking about who should be a part of your wedding party. One of the things that many brides to be start thinking about is what the heck the wedding party is going to wear. I know that can be stressful. You have to help your Moms figure out what to wear as well as think about bridesmaid outfits if you are having bridesmaids. One of the cutest parts of a wedding though is the Flower Girl. Right?

flower girl flower crown options

So let's make this part not so stressful and think about your options for your flower girl and what she should wear. Flower girls need flowers. They have the word flower in their name! How can you not give them something cute to wear with flowers. That is where the flower girl flower crown or flower girl crown comes in.


Things to Know When Ordering a Flower Girl Crown

  • You should always try and give the florist (or us, wink, wink) an idea of what the little girl is going to wear. Send us a picture of what she is wearing so we can get a sense of the outfit to pick flowers that might match or look good with her flower girl dress.
  • If you have certain colors of flowers or types of flowers that you want the florist (or us) to use - you should tell us. It is super helpful to know in general what you might be looking for.
  • If you have certain kinds of greenery that you prefer- let us know.
  • Feel free to find photos on our site, our instagram page or even Pinterest as inspiration for what you are looking for in a flower girl flower crown. We are always happy to look at ideas that you have.
  • It is helpful to have the size of the head of the girl so we can measure the width of the flower girl crown out to match that. If you don't have that we can guess too but let us know the age of the girls too. That always helps!
  • If you want the crown to have a lace tie in the back or a ribbon in the back as a closure that would be good to know too. Or we can just make the flower girl crown go all the way around to easily put on the head.
how to order flower girl crowns

Popular Flower Girl Crowns and Flower Girl Flower Crown Options

Greenery with wax flower and baby's breath

This is a great option for a flower girl crown. It simple and beautiful. If you are going this route feel free to let us know if there is a kind of greenery that you like most. We can also do baby's breath and wax flower all the way around the flower girl flower crown or in little bunches. See photos below as some examples. Please keep in mind that all of our custom flower crowns are done to order so nothing is the exact same. The more specific you can be with what what you want the better off we can definitely match that. Or if you have no clue what you want that is quit okay! We actually love that because then we get to be really creative and artistic with our creations for your flower girl flower crowns. We love that!

greenery flower crown with wax flower

Just baby's breath and wax flower all the way around

We also love when flower girl crowns are made with just baby's breath and wax flower. These look so whimsical and pretty. This option would be one where the greenery is not the most evident part of the flower girl crown and that you want more of a puffy look on the flower girl flower crown.

baby's breath flower girl flower crown

Flowers all the way around the flower girl flower crown

If you just give us a general color scheme that you want us to work with - we can make you a custom flower girl flower crown that you will be bound to love. We love doing flowers all the way around the flower crown. This option would be if you want flowers the whole way around the flower crown for your flower girl.

flower girl flower crown

We can ship flower crowns all over the US to wherever you are. We can also deliver to you if we are located in a city that you are in. We do silk flowers and real flowers for flower girl flower crowns. Just let us know what you are looking for. We charge anywhere between $35-$75 for flower girl flower crowns depending on the crown design. You can send us an email at ali@fetesdefleurs.com with your request for flower girl flower crowns and we will get back to you ASAP. We hope to help you have the cutest flower girls ever at your wedding coming up.

flower girl crown

Oh and don't forget that flower girl flower crowns make for the cutest flower girl gifts too! If you are looking for ideas for a gift for the flower girls in the wedding party we are happy to help you there!

flower girl flower crown

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