Your Options for Flower Girl Flower Crowns

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/15/18 10:08 AM

Your Options for Flower Girl Flower Crowns

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/15/18 10:08 AM
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When planning your wedding you will likely be figuring out if you want a flower girl or flower girls. Flower girls are the cutest part of a wedding (we think). They always have the best, cutest, girliest dresses and somehow make the wedding ceremony so much more fun seeing them do their thing. I also love when they make mistakes - that is my favorite part. Flower girls seems to always do something funny when walking down the aisle so I love it. They are just the cutest. Add flower crowns on the flower girls and wahla you have perfection. 

Flower Crown Checklist

I think silk flowers are great for a flower girl flower crown because then the little girl can have a momento from the wedding that she can take home and use during dress up or put on her wall as a wreath. I still remember being a flower girl in my cousin's wedding and remember how excited I was to wear a fancy dress and get all dolled up. You better believe I was taking care of that dress and was so so so excited to be involved in the wedding.

The flower girl flower crown

At Fetes de Fleurs we make custom flower crowns all the time for wedding parties, brides, flower girls, the bridesmaids or even as photo booth props to wear dancing through the night. Silk flower crowns are perfect for any of these because you can really think about the colors and look you want before hand to request just the right look.

Flower Girl Flower Crowns

Good Options for Flower Girl Flower Crowns:

  • All white with greenery - I love baby's breath and white/light pink wax flower for flower girl flower crowns.
  • Blooms with minimal greenery- we can work with the flowers that you are going to use in your wedding. Just let us know what flowers you like and love, we will try and use those or flowers similar to this.
  • All greenery- do you want just greenery?
All Greenery flower crowns

When you make an order for your flower girls flower crowns you want to make sure that you tell us if you want silk or real flowers. You will also want to tell us if you want the crown fully round and ready to plop on the head like it is OR if you want it to be tied with a ribbon. We will also want to know what colors you want us to use or don't use. If you have certain flowers you want us to use please let me us know. If we are mailing these we always use silk flowers. If you are working with your local Fetes de Fleurs girl you can request real flowers and real greenery.

wild flower flower girl flower crown

 If you are having an upcoming wedding and want to request flower crowns please let us know here. 


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