Cheers to the RED, WHITE and BLUE with our Fourth of July Flower Earrings

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/5/18 4:52 PM

Cheers to the RED, WHITE and BLUE with our Fourth of July Flower Earrings

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/5/18 4:52 PM
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Yesterday I celebrated with my girlfriends here in Charleston. I had the day off of work but spent some time in the AM making red, white and blue flower earrings for me and my friends, Hayley and Lauren for the festivities.

fourth of july flower earrings

The girls came over and we had a glass of rose while catching up and putting on red, white and blue flower earrings. We went to Home Team BBQ for game changers and some food. It was actually pretty nice out and we were able to sit outside while enjoying lunch and getting a little tipsy from the frozen drinks. :)

holiday earrings - flower earrings

If you come to Charleston for a bachelorette party or a ladies weekend make sure you hit up Home Team either downtown or the one out in Sullivan's. And do yourself a favor and order game changers to drink. They are this yellow frozen drink that is DANGEROUSLY good - you will definitely get drunk so make sure you know that going into having them. :)


floral earrings

Good thing we spotted this cool back drop for our photos. As you can see I was wearing some big flower earrings and a girl stopped me and asked if she could buy them off my ears! Yes, hell, YES you can buy them off my ears! So nice when people ask me where did you get your earrings and the answer is, "I MAKE THEM!" It is so cool to see that people like something that I created and think they are just as fun as I think they are.

red white and blue flower earrings

As you can tell we are loving the red, white and blue floral earrings and the girl who took our photos had a great idea for holiday flower earrings. I should bring them out with me on holidays and sell them. Not a bad idea, girl. We will do that in the future. It is always great to be able to make flower earrings when a holiday is coming up because they transform an outfit into something festive to celebrate the holiday.

fourth of july accessories

Just showing off now. Well, really just showing off the flower earrings.

flower earrings

And here is the beautiful lady who bought my flower earrings off my ears so she could celebrate Fourth of July in the best way possible.

floral earrings

After Home Team we came home and took some naps. I ended the Fourth of July festivities with a bike ride with my neighbors down to the waterfront in the Battery to watch the fire works.

holiday earrings

If there is a holiday or celebration coming up that you want to celebrate with flower earrings just let us know. We can make you custom flower earrings for any events, celebrations or holidays! We also will be popping up at local markets in the cities and regions we have flower party hosts in. You can also always shop our online store here too.

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