How to Make Indoor Wall Planters with Silk Greenery

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/19/18 10:18 AM

I love greenery. I like real greenery. I like faux and silk greenery. I love it all. I will take plants as gifts any day and love to gift plants to friends and family too.

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A Classy, Beach Bachelorette Weekend in Sag Harbor for a Hamptons Bachelorette

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/17/18 5:54 PM

Sag Harbor is the perfect location for a classy bachelorette theme weekend or girls weekend in the famous Hamptons. Smaller than many of the surrounding towns in the Hamptons, Sag Harbor has a few hotels that are walkable from the Village where there are shops, restaurants, marinas and more! A perfect town if you want to be able to walk to the downtown-ish area in between your beach and pool time.

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Bridal Shower Ideas for the Bridal Shower Brunch

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/15/18 12:25 PM

So your friend got engaged and you are in charge of making her bridal shower one to remember! Lucky you. :) Don't worry, girlfriend, we got you covered and can help you make this a bridal shower your bride to be will love.

Request more information  on Bridal Shower Flower Parties.

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Bachelorette Party Themes We Love for a Summer Bachelorette

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/13/18 9:46 AM

Summer is the perfect time of year for your bachelorette party weekend. A great bachelorette party typically has a few of our favorite things:

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FLOWER CROWN RECIPE: Baby's Breath & Pink Spray Roses for a Mom to Be Photo Shoot

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/11/18 11:00 AM

We thought it might be fun to put together a some more posts that have to do with specific flower crowns that we loved making for a group or for a person in our work making flower crowns. This will help give our flower parties some options to look at when they are ordering flower crowns that we make for them or for our flower crown parties when they want to see options for real vs silk flower crowns.

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GUIDE: How to Make Flower Crowns with Silk Flowers

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/6/18 9:47 AM

Making flower crowns is something that you can definitely learn and do on your own. We of course host flower crown workshops where we teach groups how to make flower crowns as well as provide all of the supplies and instruction in person BUT we thought we would document how to make flower crowns on your own in case you want to try!

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Cheers to the RED, WHITE and BLUE with our Fourth of July Flower Earrings

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/5/18 4:52 PM

Yesterday I celebrated with my girlfriends here in Charleston. I had the day off of work but spent some time in the AM making red, white and blue flower earrings for me and my friends, Hayley and Lauren for the festivities.

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FINALLY HAPPENING: Nashville Bachelorette Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/25/18 4:55 PM

YES! We finally found the perfect person to join us as our Nashville bachelorette party hostess. I couldn't be more excited for her to join us. We will be doing a post about her so you can get to know her (hopefully tomorrow). But for now I wanted to explain why I am so excited about the launch of Nashville as our next location for Fetes de Fleurs.

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Add these Floral Bachelorette Party Decorations to Your Floral Themed Bachelorette Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/25/18 9:59 AM

Flowers are all the rage these days. Well we have always been partial to flowers but recently we have seen an uptick in the bachelorette parties we go to and what they want for not just bachelorette party activities with our flower crown parties but also floral decor as part of their bachelorette weekend. We love the idea of using floral decorations as a way to also have bachelorette party gifts from the weekend. 

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Bachelorette Flower Crowns for a Girls Day at Deep Water Vineyard

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/23/18 9:53 AM

When you come to Charleston for your bachelorette weekend or for a ladies weekend in Charleston you are bound to come across a ton of fun ideas for activities and things to do in Charleston for your weekend. You can go on Pinterest and search, you can go to Google and search, and don't forget Instagram hashtags for inspiration and ideas. One activity in the Charleston area that I think more Charleston bachelorette parties should do is a day trip to a local Vineyard we are lucky to have close-ish by. Because who doesn't like wine, good weather, beautiful scenery and if you add flower crowns to the mix then I think that makes the perfect mix. 

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