Announcing our Newest Flower Party Location: Hamptons Bachelorette Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 4/16/18 10:33 AM

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! We hosted 7 flower parties this weekend which we will be posting roundups on throughout the week on our blogs. We try really hard to post the photos and blog recap after the flower parties that we host so you can read up on what went down and gather inspiration for your own flower parties with a Fetes de Fleurs host!

hamptons bachelorette party

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Looking for Unique Bridesmaid Gifts? Get Your Flower Party on with Bridesmaid Earrings

Posted by Ali Powell on 4/9/18 9:25 PM

Getting married?

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Introducing Flower Earrings as your Bridesmaid gifts or bridesmaid Earrings 

Posted by Ali Powell on 4/2/18 1:52 PM

We have launched our flower jewelry over on our sister website called Bijoux de Fleurs. 

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Flower Theme Party Celebrations with Fetes de Fleurs

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/13/18 9:40 PM

We love how florals are working their way into so many parts of our lives lately! I keep seeing ads and posts about florals and it makes me oh so happy. Flowers are really an amazing thing and so seeing how many brands are catching on to them being something beautiful to celebrate makes me happy.

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FLORAL KNOWLEDGE DROP: Naomi deManana of Martha Stewart Weddings on Styling Florals for Editorial Work

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/10/18 5:54 PM

We had the pleasure of hearing Naomi deManana speak yesterday at the TeamFlower Conference. Naomi is Senior Style Editor for Martha Stewart Weddings. 

She is so endearing and cool. Not sure what other words to use for her. But, I loved her, she is fierce, cute, knowledgable and obviously her love of flowers comes out in her speaking. 

Naomi can be followed on Instagram here and here is her linkedin profile. 

So first off you might not know what an editorial stylist let's break this part down so we are all clear on what that really means :)

That means anything and everything you see in a photo in a magazine was STYLED and dreamed up by the Stylist. 

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Floral Installations KNOWLEDGE DROP from Sweet Root Village

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/9/18 3:02 PM

I met these lovely ladies from Sweet Root Village this week here at the Team Flower Conference and you know what I love about #GIRLBOSSES like this... I had no CLUE how cool and fabulous they are (they are speaking here). I mean when you get speaker status you are officially BOSS STATUS? Am I Right?!?!

So please go ahead and follow them here on their website at Sweet Root Village and on Instagram here.

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A Talk with the CEO of Mayesh Wholesale on Floral Souring and Substitutions

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/8/18 3:22 PM

Pat the CEO of Mayesh Wholesale came to the TeamFlower Conference to speak to us about floral sourcing and substitutions. Mayesh is a favorite of mine due to finding out about them from their "flower pulls" instagram posts.

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Why I Side Hustle & More Importantly Why You should side hustle with us

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/7/18 7:58 PM

We are here at the Team Flower conference really trying to take in as much as possible on options to expand Fetes de Fleurs in the coming year ahead. I had some great conversations with my lovely MOMMA on the way down from Charleston, SC to Ponte Vedra, FL to drop off my puppy Poppy for the rest of the week while I am down here. I actually said it for the first time,

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The 2018 Floral Bachelorette Party Favor Roundup

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/5/18 8:28 PM

If you go on Pinterest and Etsy during your bachelorette party planning process  you are going to find a heck of a lot of options and themes for your bachelorette party weekend.  Since we are flower biased as wanted to round up some of our faves that we have seen on Pinterest and Etsy recently that would play well with our flower parties. We hope this floral bachelorette party favor roundup will help you have the best floral bachelorette party yet!

We have rounded up some amazing floral bachelorette party favors to help you have the most girly, floral bachelorette party in 2018! 

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Pretty Charleston Walks Series: Pretty Things to Do and See In Charleston, SC

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/7/18 10:42 AM

I like to start my mornings in Charleston, especially in the Spring and early Summer, by taking walks with my puppy Poppy. Yes, she is named after the flower, Poppy. Fitting, I know.

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