Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained with these Fun, Flowery Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/22/17 7:27 AM

Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained with these Fun, Flowery Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/22/17 7:27 AM
Ali Powell
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When you get invited to a wedding, what is the first thing you think of?

What is the first word that comes to mind or thought that comes to mind when you open up that invitation to a wedding?

When someone says the word, "wedding," to you what do you think of? Do you cringe or do you get excited?


Love <3 of course, right? Well, yes but also probably things like this go through your head...

  • A ceremony (that might take too long or be too boring).
  • What should I wear?
  • What kind of wedding is it?
  • Is it going to be fun?

Weddings all have a similar structure. Your guests know what they are in for typically when they get invited to a wedding. They know there is going to be a welcome to the wedding, a ceremony, probably drinks after the ceremony and then dinner and dancing.

Don't be that wedding with all the traditional elements that every wedding has and that your guests expect. Make sure you have some fun, unexpected entertainment ideas for your wedding guests to stay occupied while you and your new hubby are taking those professional pictures.


Here are some flowery wedding entertainment ideas that will leave your guests talking for days about the fun they had at your wedding.

Flower Crown Bar


There are a couple of fun ways to incorporate a flower crown bar into your wedding day.

  • A flower crown bar with pre-made crowns for guests (usually women, but hey men are welcome too) to take as they walk into the venue before the ceremony begins.
  • A flower crown bar with pre-made flower crowns for after the ceremony part of the wedding takes place. Imagine sipping rose and cocktails while making a flower crown with the help of Fetes de Fleurs flower crown party ladies.
  • A flower crown bar for the kiddos! If you want to have a station for just the kids to be able to make or wear flower crowns that works too!
  • A flower crown station near the photo booth or where photos are being taken. Flower crowns can double up as a unique gift for your guests to take home but also great photo opps.
  • Of course if you don't want the crowns to be pre-made we can have all the supplies, greenery and flowers with the wedding theme you have going ready to be made by your guests.


Flower bouquet bar send off gift

So it is now time to wrap up the wedding night and you want your guests to leave with a fun take home gift to remember their fun time with you on your special day.

Send your wedding guests home with a small bouquet of flowers. As people are getting ready to leave have a flower bouquet bar there for your guests to either pick their stems for a custom bouquet or pre-made bouquets to go on their way out.


Flowers will always be a wedding staple. But, what you do with your flowers on your special day is where the fun and creativity can really shine! Incorporate flowers into your wedding day in unique ways that will keep your wedding guests entertained by being creative with flowers.

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