The Chic Alternative to the Ladies Weekend Shirts: Flower Earrings

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/11/18 11:08 AM

The Chic Alternative to the Ladies Weekend Shirts: Flower Earrings

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/11/18 11:08 AM
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I am sitting here at the Charleston airport getting ready to take a flight from here to Austin, Texas. I have never been to Austin but we have a flower party host there Myranda who I am super pumped to be able to meet and spend time with in person. All of our flower party hosts are hired virtually and we interact all the time through email, text, and video calls. So it is really exciting to be going to Austin and get to see her and spend time with her talking all about Austin bachelorette parties.

purple flower earrings

As I was waiting at TSA pre check a lady came up to me while in line and said, "I love your earrings!" She told me she had never seen anything like them. Really made me happy to hear that because they are the flower earrings that I make for Fetes de Fleurs.

pink flower earrings

The best way to know if you are on to something is to wear them in real life and see if anyone says anything about liking them. I still am shocked when someone gives me a compliment on them or friends wearing them a compliment on them.

bridesmaid earrings

Anytime someone I don't know says something to me or feels compelled to say they like my floral earrings when I am wearing flower earrings that I have made and sell my heart really skips a beat.

flower earrings

It is a very cool feeling to have someone you don't know that has no reason to tell you they like something tell you that. Makes you know you are on to something or at least makes you feel good that someone likes your stuff!

flower earrings in the wild

We have always done our flower crown parties and that is more of a service than an actual product.

hot pink floral earrings

Of course someone could see a flower party group out at night on their bachelorette party with the flower crowns on but that is different. For some reason when people buy the flower earrings on my shop it feels different. So instead of spending your money on some random girls weekend t shirt or ladies weekend shirts spend your money on something that you and your ladies group will wear again after the weekend trip!

floral earrings

You can shop Fetes de Fleurs flower earrings on our sister site here on Bijoux de Fleurs website.

peach flower earrings

When you go to bachelorette-y cities and ladies weekend cities like Austin you will see bride tribes out at night rocking bachelorette t shirts and I always think is this really what they want to wear? Instead of wearing bachelorette t shirts why not wear some fabulous statement earrings that you can wear again outside of the weekend?

pink flower earrings

If you are wanting a custom order just request your colors and we can get those made up for you and shipped out the door for your bachelorette weekend or your ladies weekend trip!

bachelorette flower earrings

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