The 2018 Floral Bachelorette Party Favor Roundup

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/5/18 8:28 PM

The 2018 Floral Bachelorette Party Favor Roundup

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/5/18 8:28 PM
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If you go on Pinterest and Etsy during your bachelorette party planning process  you are going to find a heck of a lot of options and themes for your bachelorette party weekend.  Since we are flower biased as wanted to round up some of our faves that we have seen on Pinterest and Etsy recently that would play well with our flower parties. We hope this floral bachelorette party favor roundup will help you have the best floral bachelorette party yet!

FLoral bachelorette party themes

We have rounded up some amazing floral bachelorette party favors to help you have the most girly, floral bachelorette party in 2018! 

If you go to Etsy or Pinterest and search "bachelorette party favors" you will find amazing options and some great creators. 

Floral bachelorette party favors

I also think it is helpful to search something like "city name bachelorette party" in Pinterest and Etsy too because good, personalized options for where you are hosting the bachelorette party will come back for you to pick favors from. 

bachelorette party themes

Beach hats or Straw hats if you are on a beach bachelorette party

We have launched a couple of accessories on a part of Fetes where we will be selling floral and flower accessories. One of the accessories is straw hats for the beach where we have all white flowers on the brim of the hats for the bride to be and then other girly, floral options for a beach bachelorette party for the bachelorette party group. 

 flower straw hats

Flower Crowns or a flower crown making workshop party

Hopefully you know that we host flower crown parties for our bachelorette parties in cities around the US! You can request information about our flower crown bachelorette parties here. We also have flower crowns in our floral shop here on our site now

We also do flower crown party boxes where we send you the floral crowns in the mail to you so you can flower party even if we don't have a flower party host in your city! 

flower crown party boxes  

Flower earrings for the bride to be and bachelorette group

What is cuter than having all white floral earrings for the bride to be and then maybe light pink floral earrings for the rest of the bachelorette party group. We have a floral accessories shop that you can view here for all your floral bachelorette party favor needs! 

flower petal earrings with pearls

peach flower petal earrings

You can shop for floral petal earrings here in our shop!  

Flower totes

I really like this floral tote bag on woodyxu shop on Etsy. It would make it super easy to put all of your stuff from the bachelorette party weekend in this cute tote for the ride home on the plane or in the car. Definitely something that you could use again for grocery shopping or just everyday belongings.

floral tote bag

A floral snapchat filter

 all have amazing options. I searched "floral snapchat filter" on Etsy and really like all the fun options! What is better than having your own snapchat or instagram filter for the bachelorette party weekend! 

floral snapchat filter

bachelorette party snapchat filter

Personalized Glasses, or Floral wine bottle labels

I found some stainless steel wine glasses that you can get personalized with a flower print here on TreasureUniverse on Etsy.

floral wine glass tumbler

I found these amazing bride tribe floral skull coolers for your glasses or your cups here on VeraAlicePrintables on Etsy.

floral coozies

There is a really cute online store called LabelWithLove that allows you to make custom labels that you can attach to your wine bottles and champagne bottles for the weekend.

wine bottle labels

LabelWithLove has all kinds of cute floral and greenery palm frond wine and champagne bottle labels that you can order to complete your floral bachelorette party theme. These would also make for a great way to ask your bridesmaids to be your bridesmaid too! (Another post on that to come).

floral bachelorette party


Personalized floral  sunglasses

I love love love these floral bachelorette tribe sunglasses and think every bachelorette party could be a great fit for these! 

Check out the Wedding Favorites website for these super fun floral sunglasses for your group. 

floral bachelorette sunglasses

floral Hair elastics for the bachelorette party weekend

 has some super super cute elastic bands with cute slogans on the holder that they come in. 

"To have and to hold your hair back!" 

bachelorette party hair elastics

 also has a ton of options that you can check out as well! 

Floral photo booth favors 

OMG OMG OMG. I can't get enough of these fun floral photo booth cutouts! I might just have to get them for my flower crown parties and bring them for our bride tribes making floral crowns. 

 has the cutest photo booth props ever! 

floral photo booth props

floral photo booth props for bachelorette party

floral Bachelorette party tattoos

While searching on Etsy for some tattoo inspiration I found this company called SymbolicImports that will put your husband-to-be's face on a tattoo! That is hilarious and amazing. I think this would be such a funny thing to do one night while on your bachelorette party weekend.

bachelorette party favors



bachelorette party favors

This company on Etsy called Bacehorettesy sells 100 tattoos for $9.95 and I love that they are all cute gold colors. I love love love the palm frond tattoo that comes in this as well.


team bride


team bride tattoos

We also found these adorable, floral themed bride and team bride tattoos that would be a great addition to any flower themed bachelorette party you would have on Tats4now on Etsy.

team bride favors

 Here are some super super cute floral tattoos from 

floral bachelorette party themes

floral Bachelorette party shirts

 have these super cute floral block tees for your bachelorette party that is floral themed. 

floral bachelorette party t shirts

 has some super cute floral t shirts too that you could use for your floral bachelorette party fun too! 

floral bachelorette party themes

This one from  might be my absolute fave though right now. How cute are those floral sunglasses?! I think this would be the best with some flower crowns! 

flower crown theme bachelorette party

If you are interested in incorporating flowers into your bachelorette party weekend please inquire below by clicking that button! We would love to flower party with you on your bachelorette party weekend. <3 


flower crown party

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