Floral Retail Activation Ideas for In Store Experiential Events & Brand Activation

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/18/19 12:08 PM

Floral Retail Activation Ideas for In Store Experiential Events & Brand Activation

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/18/19 12:08 PM
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Boutiques and stores are always looking for fun and different ways to engage their customers and potential audiences. We are so happy to announce publicly that we are now able to offer boutiques, stores and brands more floral activation ideas for 2019 and beyond.

floral retail activation ideas

One of my goals when I finally quit my full time job and could work on Fetes de Fleurs full time was to be able to offer more in store floral brand activation projects and also work with PR companies on floral activation elements for their clients. We get requests like these quite a bit now for things like flower walls, flower bouquet bars, and flower crown bars for in store activation and to help make events more experiential. It was hard for us to do a lot of these in the past year when I was working full time and doing this part time on nights and weekends. But, now that I am doing this full time I can now put a big priority this year on this part of my business. It is something I want to do a lot more of and plan to expand into more and more as the year goes on.

brand activation ideas

Here are some of our favorite floral ideas for in store brand activation or branded experiential elements in 2019.

Flower bouquet bar

We can come to your store, boutique, event, etc and put together a flower bouquet bar where your guests can come in and make a bouquet to go. This is a perfect addition to any opening of a store for an opening party. Or maybe you want to add a flower bouquet bar to the end of a wedding as a to go gift from your wedding. A flower bouquet bar is a perfect way to add flowers to an event or celebration that also act as a gift or favor to walk out of the event or store with. We would work with you on the colors to be on brand with your look and feel you are going for. These flower bouquet bars can be a perfect addition to driving foot traffic in a store for a holiday too. Everyone loves a bouquet to go. We could even add your logo or branding to the bouquet as they leave the event or whatever the bouquet bar was for.

You can request more information on hosting a flower bouquet bar here.

floral bouquet bar

Flower Walls and Greenery Walls

If you are heading to a conference, trade show or just want a flower wall or greenery wall built for your brand to use at events and other things we can work with your team to create a custom flower wall or greenery wall. We would need to know the size of the greenery wall or flower wall that you are wanting. We would also want to know what this would be used for. We can create silk flower walls and greenery flower walls that can be used over and over again or create real flower walls or real greenery walls if that is more your thing for your event.

You can request more information about a custom flower wall or greenery wall here.

flower walls and greenery walls

Flower Crown Bar or Flower Crown Workshop

If you would like us to come to your event, store, or whatever else to setup a flower crown bar we can definitely do that. We would bring all of the flowers, greenery and supplies needed to host a flower crown bar for your celebration. We can bring pre-made flower crowns or greenery crowns where guests can add in the flowers to make the flower crown on the spot. Or maybe you just want the guests to come by a flower crown bar to take a flower crown or greenery crown that is already made. We can create silk flower crowns or real flower crowns for your brand activation requests.

You can request more information on our flower crown bars here.

flower crown bars

Flower Arches

We can create a flower arch for your event or brand activation that is in line with your brand colors and whatever event you are hosting. We can create floral arches from real flowers or silk flowers to help have a beautiful space to host your event or brand activation elements. A floral arch is a perfect addition to a space if you want your guests to take lots of pretty photos as part of the brand activation that you are putting together.

Request more information on custom floral arches here.

flower arches

Flower Letters

We can create custom floral letters for your event or celebration. Imagine walking into a store, or an event to see big letters all made in flowers and greenery. Flower letters are also a perfect backdrop for your guests to take photos at and share with their followers on social media too. We can create flower letters in real flowers or with silk flowers for your event activation or brand activation.

Request more information about custom flower letters here.

We are excited to work with your brand team or PR team on upcoming brand activations that you have coming up. Feel free to email us directly with your requests at ali@fetesdefleurs.com or fill out the form here to let us know how we can help.

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