Step by Step Instructions for Completing a Floral Arch or Wedding Arch Flowers

Posted by Ali Powell on 5/25/18 9:03 AM

Step by Step Instructions for Completing a Floral Arch or Wedding Arch Flowers

Posted by Ali Powell on 5/25/18 9:03 AM
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Ohhhh, the beauty of a floral installation. But, even better is a floral arch.

floral arch

Such an amazing thing to see at a wedding is any floral installation but I truly love the whimsical beauty of a floral arch.

how to make a floral arch

It is such a beautiful piece that can set the ceremony background for the happy couple completing their vows. But can also be used for beautiful photos in front of the wedding arch flowers for guests later on at the reception after the ceremony.

how to build a floral arch

I had the chance to attend a Mayesh Wholesale flower workshop this past Monday and Tuesday here in Charleston. It was so much fun. We worked on a floral arch and I thought I would share some photos and step by step instructions on how to make a floral arch in case you want to work with your florist for your wedding on one. Or maybe you want to try your own hand at making one!

Step by step instructions for installing a floral arch:

1st of all I don't necessarily suggest you doing this on your own. I don't think just anyone can pull this off and this is a very rough step by step process here but at least it can get you thinking about how to create floral arches if you do want to try one.

how to make a wedding floral arch

You will need a structure like a wedding arch that you can rent from a wedding rental company or will need to make a structure for your floral arch to be built on.

wedding floral arch

From there you will need floral foam bricks that you can zip tie to your arch. The floral foam that we used at the Mayesh Workshop here in Charleston was from Oasis floral products which is who I would suggest as well. You should soak the floral foam bricks overnight or for at least 30 minutes before you start to build your floral arch.

how to build a wedding floral arch

Once you have your floral bricks soaked through you will start to attach them to the arch to create the shape you will want to build your floral arch into. Attach the floral bricks with zip ties.

wedding flower arch

Once the floral foam is attached to your arch you can begin with the greenery. Get greenery that you can cut into pieces and stick into the floral foam. Start with greenery then move on to florals.

flower arch

Work with your florist or wedding floral designer on what you want the floral arch to look like and the vibe/color schemes so he or she can help you think about the overall look of the floral arch that will come together.

floral arch for wedding

We had a pretty big group of florists and floral designers working on this one. I would highly suggest not doing this on your own and hiring a florist or wedding designer to help you make your floral arch dreams come true for your special day, but thought it might be helpful to see photos of the process to help inspire you.

bounty of beautiful blooms for a floral arch

Make sure you have buckets and buckets of beautiful blooms to add into your floral arch after you get the greenery in the arch.

wedding arch


ceremony arch


wedding arbor

Here is the floral arch in the making. You can see we started with the greenery and stems and then moved onto the florals and flower stems.


wedding floral arch


floral wedding arch

The end product in all its glory literally took my breath away. Such a dream to be able to help and work on this floral arch with such an amazing Mayesh design star.

wedding arches

How beautiful is this floral arch? I think it would make for such a beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony for a happy couple. Then it could be used as a photobooth backdrop for wedding guests later on at the reception.

floral wedding arch


decorations for wedding arch


wedding arbor

 If you are looking for a floral installation for a wedding or event we would love to help you! We had so much fun helping to create this floral arch and we would love to help make your dreams come true for your event or wedding florals. 

We love doing creative and big things with florals and greenery so a floral arch happens to be a fun way to make those creative floral dreams come true. 

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