FINALLY HAPPENING: Nashville Bachelorette Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/25/18 4:55 PM

FINALLY HAPPENING: Nashville Bachelorette Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/25/18 4:55 PM
Ali Powell
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YES! We finally found the perfect person to join us as our Nashville bachelorette party hostess. I couldn't be more excited for her to join us. We will be doing a post about her so you can get to know her (hopefully tomorrow). But for now I wanted to explain why I am so excited about the launch of Nashville as our next location for Fetes de Fleurs.

nashville bachelorette party

Nashville is a HUGE bachelorette destination. There are about 3600 searches on Google each month for Nashville bachelorette party keywords. The way I go about picking the cities to enter for our flower crown party markets is by researching where ladies tend to go for bachelorette weekends. Nashville bachelorette parties is a huge market and we are more than excited to finally be able to launch there and support your bride tribes with flower crown parties on your weekend in Nashville.

Nashville is a perfect place for bachelorette parties and here are some of our favorite reasons why we know you will love doing a nashville bachelorette party!

Nashville Bachelorette Parties

1. Can we say best hashtags ever for your bachelorette hashtags?!! I mean come on, Nashville bach parties have the best hashtags ever.

  • #nashbach
  • #nasholerette
  • #nashbachbash
  • #nashbash

2. Booze and music. Not sure if I need to go on here but Nashville is home to country music so if your bride tribe likes country you might want to make this your bachelorette destination.

3. Roof top bars, great restaurants and more great bars.

4. Cool murals around town to take photos in front of wearing your flower crowns.

5. Our most favorite part is that there is a flower truck in Nashville! We love love love a flower truck and we can't wait to see some bach parties visit Amelia's Flower Truck and take photos there with their flower crowns. I mean, how perfect would that be!!!

6. Nashville Pedal Tavern: Oh yes, in nashville you can get on one of those cool pedal trucks where you can drink while you bop around the city. I think doing this with the flower crowns on sounds like a perfect Nashville bachelorette party.

flower crowns for your Nasheville bachelorette party

We can't wait to flower crown party with you in Nashville. So if you know anyone coming to Nashville for their bachelorette party or even a girls weekend in Nashville check out our Flower parties as an option for your bachelorette activities for your weekend.

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