A Folly Beach Bachelorette with a "Southern Charm Bachelorette Party" Theme

Posted by Ali Powell on 5/3/18 3:14 PM

A Folly Beach Bachelorette with a "Southern Charm Bachelorette Party" Theme

Posted by Ali Powell on 5/3/18 3:14 PM
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OMG YA'LL these ladies were to die for. I drove out to Folly Beach this past Saturday afternoon for an early evening flower crown workshop for a group of Chicago ladies in for their Folly Beach Bachelorette Party. They were joyful, fun and appreciative of the flower crown class. So of course I loved them! They also had the best, funniest theme ever and right when I got there they started asking me if I knew the people on Southern Charm.

southern charm bachelorette party

This is amazing.

LOL is all I have to say. It is funny because before I moved to Charleston I definitely watched Southern Charm because well, the show is funny and I think they are fun. But now when you meet people who come in the weekends from other cities they are all dying to know about the Southern Charm people. Have I met them? Have I seen them? Where do they go? Like I would know. Lol.

southern charm bachelorette party

The views of the beautiful ocean didn't hurt either. I mean can we say wow, wow, WOW to this view out of their deck to the ocean.

folly beach bachelorette party

Their airbnb on Folly Beach was on the further end out which I had never been out that far so I was excited to see it.

The Flower Crown Party

We setup our signature flower crown bar with the flowers on their Charleston airbnb's kitchen table. All we need when we come to setup our flower crown workshop is a table and some space to setup the flower bar. You don't need to do anything except step back and wait for us to finish up...so have a glass of rose or champagne while we wait. Or take some photos of the flowers. :)

bachelorette party ideas

Their Folly Beach bachelorette party was literally right on the beach. You can see how close the water was to their beach house. So cool and perfect for a weekend trip.

folly beach bachelorette party

I had each girl in the bachelorette party go out to the pier off of their beach rental and take a photo by theirselves with their flower crown on and one with the Southern Charm guy's face. How funny are these? And, well perfect as well for a Charleston bachelorette party.

southern charm bachelorette party -1

Above is a picture of the bride to be. I think she is just adorable and loved her attitude. So so pretty in her flower crown and her bright beachy colored dress for their night out on Folly Beach.

beach bachelorette party

We travel to any of the beach areas in Charleston so if you are coming down to Charleston and staying at Folly Beach, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island, Edisto, Sullivan's, IOP, etc just let us know and we will come to your beach house for your Charleston bachelorette party.

beach bachelorette party -1

We had so much fun flower crown partying with this group out on Folly Beach. Wishing you the best wedding ever and maybe one day you all will come back and meet the Southern Charm guys in real life. :)

flower crown bachelorette party

Until then...we always have the face versions of the Southern Charm guys for your bachelorette party pictures.

flower crown party

Who else thinks that the Southern Charm guys look good with flower crowns? 

flower crown party


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