Why Your Next Event Needs a Flower Crown Bar

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/11/17 7:44 PM

Why Your Next Event Needs a Flower Crown Bar

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/11/17 7:44 PM
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Here at Fetes de Fleurs we love a good party. <3

Fetes de Fleurs is French for flower parties. Since parties is a part of our name we wanted to let you in on a little secret that will make your next event THAT much cooler.

Why not combine 3 things we all love! Flowers, a bar, and CROWNS!

Flower crown party bar

What is a flower crown bar?

A flower crown bar is a table/bar setup at your event where we create custom flower crowns for your guests. We can either show the guests how to make the flower crowns right then and there or we can make them for them.

What type of event is a good fit for a flower crown bar?

Flower crown bars are usually part of an event that is being planned. If you want to have add a fun element to your party or event we would love to be a part of it!

Flower crown bars


Flower crown bars can be charged in a couple of ways for your event. 

  • We can charge guests then and there via Square with a credit card.
  • We can invoice you beforehand for all of the costs of our time/supplies or you can pay half to cut costs for your guests attending the event.

Flower Crown bars are charged per flower crown made by your guests. Usually the costs per flower crown is $25.


We use fresh flowers most of the time but if you do want to make crowns with fake flowers we can do that too.


Flower Crown bar

We bring all the flowers, greenery, supplies to make the crowns at the flower crown bar. We set everything up and clean everything up at the end.

Just think how cute the pictures will be from your event. Who needs a snapchat flower crown filter when you can have your guests create REAL flower crowns at your event.

Request a flower crown bar at your next event here.

Let's Flower Party!

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