The Step by step Guide to making faux flower walls 

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/5/17 8:04 PM

The Step by step Guide to making faux flower walls 

Posted by Ali Powell on 11/5/17 8:04 PM
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I am sure you have seen flower walls or greenery/flower walls at events, weddings, showers, boutiques etc. You might be wondering how the heck you make these, I am here to explain how to do it.

1. Ply Wood or Wood Lattice from somewhere like Lowe's wood shop or Home Depot.

how to make a wedding floral wall


how to make a flower wall

Make sure you ask your client how big they want the wall to be when completed. I would also recommend asking if they need a stand for the wall built or if it can lean up on a wall. If they want to re-use the flower wall I would highly recommend using faux materials for your greenery and your flowers. Have Lowe's or Home Depot cut the wood the size that you need it.

2. Glue gun, twist ties, little nails, scissors, hammer and a staple gun.

Glue gun will be used when you are wanting to afix the flowers to the greenery wall itself once the greenery has been nailed or twist tied to the ply wood or the lattice. If you are using lattice you can twist tie the greenery onto the lattice. If you are using ply wood plank you should probably use small nails that you can hammer into the wood to keep the greenery afixed to the base of the flower wall you are making. Scissors will be used when you are cutting the greenery the right way to nail it onto the wood.

3. Faux Boxwood panels for the greenery to secure on the wall before you put the flowers onto the flower wall.

Once you have your boxwood panels you will want to separate them and lie them out on the panel of wood or the lattice to work out how much you will need.

greenery wall

Then you can either nail the boxwood panels onto the wood, twist tie them on to the wood or staple gun the boxwood panels onto the wood.

boxwood flower wall

4. Once you have the boxwood panels onto the wood surface you are ready to glue gun the flowers on to the wall.

wedding flower wall

Cut off the flower heads so they are off of the stems. Get your super glue gun on and start to glue them where you want them on the wall. I suggest placing them in whatever format or formation you want before starting to glue.

flower walls

This flower wall that I was commissioned to make is going to be used for a launch party for the Junior League of Charleston. The best part about a wall like this is that it can be re-used at a lot of their celebrations and events. It can be transported and put in storage easily because of the size of the panels that I made to create the full flower wall effect. Remember to charge for the amount of the supplies you will use as well as your time. It is really helpful to ask up front what size of flower wall the client wants. (Something I learned on this one). That way you charge the right amount for supplies and your time.

flower crown party


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