The Ideal Charleston Bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/12/17 10:33 AM

The Ideal Charleston Bachelorette Party Weekend

Posted by Ali Powell on 3/12/17 10:33 AM
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Charleston, SC is one of the hottest places to have your bachelorette party weekend with your girlfriends and bridesmaids.

Charleston's got it all for bachelorette weekends.

We have sun, beaches, drinks, great food and restaurant choices, beautiful buildings, history, picturesque settings for your pictures, and ohhh...great weather! What is not to love for your bachelorette weekend?

You have lots of options for your bachelorette party down here in Charleston, SC and we are here to help you by incorporating flowers into your weekend.

Flowers as part of your bachelorette party weekend can include things like:

  • Floral arranging party where we come with all the flowers and we show your group how to create a floral arrangement to take home with them after the weekend.
  • Floral crown party where we bring all the flowers and supplies to you. We show your group how to create beautiful flower crowns where you can wear them in your pictures for your bachelorette party events through your weekend in Charleston.
  • Floral hairpieces to wear through the weekend for your bachelorette party photos in Charleston.
  • Flowers for your dinners out at local restaurants.
  • Flowers for your bar at your house you are staying at for the weekend here on your bachelorette party.

We will work with your bachelorette party group to figure out the ideal way to incorporate flowers into your weekend here in Charleston, SC.

Need help planning something fun for your  bachelorette party in Charleston, SC?   We can help! 

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