Pretty Charleston Walks Series: Pretty Things to Do and See In Charleston, SC

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/7/18 10:42 AM

Pretty Charleston Walks Series: Pretty Things to Do and See In Charleston, SC

Posted by Ali Powell on 2/7/18 10:42 AM
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I like to start my mornings in Charleston, especially in the Spring and early Summer, by taking walks with my puppy Poppy. Yes, she is named after the flower, Poppy. Fitting, I know.

Pretty Charleston walks

Not sure if you all know this but I work for a software company called HubSpot during the day. That is my full time job and Fetes de Fleurs is my creative outlet with flowers. For HubSpot, I work west coast hours so the early morning is a great way for me to relax before the workday starts, get a walk in with Poppy and get some of her energy out before the work day starts.

Charleston pretty walks

There are so many lovely places to walk, think and meander through in Charleston, SC.

Charleston flowers

I am going to do a series of places that I love to take walks in here in Charleston. The photos and series will all be about places to visit while here in Charleston, SC that are PRETTY and have beautiful scenery including flowers and greenery, of course. They would be perfect spots to do photos with your girlfriends while here visiting for your Charleston wedding, Charleston weekend trip or Charleston bachelorette party. You will quickly learn as you follow along here that I like pretty things. That is why I love flowers and also one of the many reasons I moved here to Charleston, SC from Boston this past year. If you like pretty things, flowers, ocean, greenery and nature you will like these posts.

hampton park charleston sc

Hampton Park, Charleston, SC

One of my most favorite places to meander through is Hampton Park. Located a quick 5 minute drive out of the main downtown area you can easily bike here or walk here. You can also take an uber or if you have a rental care get over easily. There are

Follow this link for a link to Google Maps so you can save this to your maps for your visit.

pretty walks in Charleston SC

Get dressed up in some cute clothes and meander your way through here taking photos with your girlfriends. I promise the photos will not disappoint and you will leave your trip from Charleston feeling fulfilled in all the southern charm of Charleston.

flowers in Charleston, SC

One of my favorite things is that the flowers all seem to be laying beautifully underneath the flowering trees and I could spend hours looking at the flowers and arranging them in cute patterns.

picnics in charleston, sc

There is so much beauty in every corner and turn of Hampton Park. I would highly recommend bringing a picnic lunch or some rose at sunset and take a walk around, sit under the canopy of a tree and just waste away in the prettiness and sun.

flowers on the ground

There is just something magical about walking through flowers on the ground...

pretty places to go to in Charleston, SC


pretty things to do in Charleston, SC

I cannot get enough of the flowering trees in Charleston. Just open your eyes and they are all around you waiting to be explored...

pretty flowers in Charleston, SC


pretty flowering trees in charleston, sc


moss in charleston, sc


picnics in charleston


hanging moss tree in charleston, sc


Charleston parks


pink flowering tree charleston, sc


camillas in charleston, sc


hampton park charleston, sc


hampton park

 Hope you will follow along as I bring you some of my favorite places to wander through nature in Charleston, SC. They will all include pretty things and probably a lot of them have to do with Flowers. 

If you want to book a flower party for a picnic in a park here in Charleston you can reach out here. 

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