Life Lately in Charleston, SC through my Love of Flowers

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/21/17 11:16 AM

Life Lately in Charleston, SC through my Love of Flowers

Posted by Ali Powell on 6/21/17 11:16 AM
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Charleston has been a dream so far. I moved here at the beginning of March. I needed change. I needed a fresh start. I needed something NEW and different. I had lived in Boston for 11 years before that and just had gotten out of a 6 year relationship. My job would allow me to move here and work remote (which that is a whole other topic). I started Fetes de Fleurs becaus I love being creative with flowers and greenery. I want to expose more people to the joy that flowers can bring you. I don't just mean the joy of flower arrangements. I mean the joy of being creative with flowers. Flowers are beautiful on their own so you really CANNOT mess them up. I think we all have creativity inside of us and flowers are an easy way to let that creativity shine. 

So here I am, in Charleston, SC and loving life.

I love the weather (for the most part).

I love the rain storms.

I love the people.

I love the food and drinks. 

I love the beach.

I love the FLOWERS and the GREENERY all around me.

I love the beauty of Charleston. 

Everywhere you look here there is something beautiful to see. I wanted to move to a city or town where there was a lot of beauty everywhere. The Charleston area definitely is beautiful. There is something new and exciting to explore everyday. So here are some pictures from my journeys with Charleston, flowers, and life so far.

One of the amazing parts about the weather here is that after the rain you can go walk around the neighborhood and find flowers from trees strewn across the ground or the cars. For some reason I love that. Here are some favorites from when that happens here.





























 Hope you continue to follow my adventures here in Charleston. I will post about some of my favorite places I have been to, things to do while here in Charleston, and well of course FLOWERS. If you want more updates on my posts you can subscribe below. 

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