Have YourSelf a Girly, Flowery GALentine's Day Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/8/18 2:30 PM

Have YourSelf a Girly, Flowery GALentine's Day Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/8/18 2:30 PM
Ali Powell
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I love LOVE.

happy Galentine's Day party

Yes, you read that correctly.

I really do love, L O V E.

I always have. Since I was a little girl I have always been obsessed with Love stories and weddings. Anything girly, pink and has flowers- you will find me wanting to be a part of it.

Galentine's Day!

This past year my ex-boyfriend/partner and I decided to split up after 6 years together. I know what love is and will forever be thankful for the love that we had. That means I know love exists and I am excited to find it again (hopefully this year).

I never expected us to separate and thought we would spend the rest of our lives together. BUT, the world had other plans for us and that is OKAY.

I have NOT lost my love for L O V E even with all that pain and heartbreak that I worked through over this past year.

Valentine's day is one of the most girly holidays ever so it makes sense that I love it. Valentine's day has literally everything I love: the color pink, hearts, girliness galore, glitter, love, FLOWERS and oh so many FLOWERS! There is no reason to NOT celebrate.


Did you know that Galentine's Day is a REAL THING LADIES?!??! I just found out that February 13th is actually GALENTINE'S DAY!??! Hold the phone, it is a REAL thing?!!? 

Host a Galentine's party!

EVEN if you are single you should still celebrate Valentine's day because it is such a girly, lovely holiday where let's be honest, guys never know what to do. So don't get you hopes up to get them let down.

galentines day party invites

Throw a Galentine's day party with your girlfriends and make it the PINKEST, GIRLIEST DAY ever! Why not?

Here are some photos that I found on Pinterest that inspired me. I cannot WAIT to have my own Galentine's day party and take some fabulous, girly photos. '

I found a post about Whitney Port having a Valentine's Day Fete with Lulu and Georgia. What is not to love about both of those brands (meaning Whitney Port and Lulu and Georgia together?!?!) 

A Valentine’s Day Fête With Whitney Port And Lulu & Georgia

Whitney Port and Lulu and Georgia Galentines Day Fete

I love love love her table scape and the girly-ness that she did here. Her dress is super cute too and love all the shades of pink. 

Valentines' day party ideas

For my Galentine's Day party I definitely want to work in as much pink and as many flowers as humanly possible. 

Galentines day party ideas

Elle Decor also has a fabulously girly post up on how to host a Galentine's Day Party BOHO style. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes they did just go there: Bohemian style anything calling my name.  



I already own these plates from Antho and those wine glasses so I am half way there to creating the most boho Galentines Day Party there ever was. 


Also who the heck doesn't want a Galentine's day pink punch like this heavenly bowl of loveliness with FLOWERS?!?! 


Oh and then of Course Blake Lively's Galentine's day party from last year hit us with the big guns. 

Blake Lively Threw A Galentine’s Day Party That Would Make Leslie Knope Proud

A flower wall is a must have at a Galentine's day party because you will want to take a ton of selfies and pics with your besties to document the most fun time ever. 


Oh, you can't get our hair into a heart shape for your Galentine's day party? Well Blake can, so step it up. 


A great way to celebrate Galentine's day with your friends is by having a flower crown party as part of the celebration.  A Fetes de Fleurs Flower Party Hostess will come to your house, a restaurant/bar, space, workplace, etc to setup a flower crown bar to run a flower crown workshop with your girlfriends. What is better than rose, flowers, chocolate, creating flower crowns around Valentine's Day with your girlfriends? 

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