Flower Crown Photo Booth props for Maris Dehart 1 Year Anniversary Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/29/17 11:14 AM

Flower Crown Photo Booth props for Maris Dehart 1 Year Anniversary Party

Posted by Ali Powell on 7/29/17 11:14 AM
Ali Powell
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We were lucky to be involved in such a fun event last night here in Charleston, SC. We have some lovely boutiques here in Charleston, SC. Maris Dehart is by far my favorite and definitely a favorite of local Charlestonians and weekend tourists to Charleston.


Flower crowns in a basket

Maris Dehart hosted their 1st year anniversary party at their downtown Charleston boutique with so many fun activities for their guests coming in to celebrate. We were setup in the back near the dressing rooms with our flower crown bar where we were helping the boutique guests flower crown party for their photo booth.

Let's flower party

We created around 20 silk flower crowns for the boutique event. It was so much fun seeing all the lovely flower creations donned on the guests heads throughout the night. Seeing the joy and happiness that these little flower crowns brings always lights me up!

flower crowns for sale

We are going to start selling our flower crowns in boutiques and stores around Charleston so stay tuned on where you can buy flower crowns here in Charleston. We will be in Mylkbar in Mount Pleasant and also at Maris Dehart in the future.

Fetes de Fleurs flower crown bar

If you are a boutique looking for a fun way to celebrate your store you should definitely have a flower crown bar as part of your photo booth. Seemed like the guests really loved it!

photo booth props

What an amazing photo booth filled with balloons. Makes for the perfect backdrop for the flower crown photo booth.

flower crowns for sale

Here was our setup for the flower crown bar as part of the photo booth. 

yellow flower crown

I was obsessed with these yellow raninculas and yellow marigolds flower crown. This blonde beauty made it look even cooler and her outfit matched great! 

flower crown party

Look at these boutique beauties with their flower crowns. A lot of the flower crowns were made from raninculas, peonies, roses, and dahlias.

flower crown photo booth

What a beauty she was with her straw bag and flower crown. She dazzled in her all pink flower crown.

Trunk club charleston

These ladies were from Trunk Club Charleston. I hope to do a flower crown and rose party at Trunk Club in the near future. Stay tuned for that event! 

kids flower crown party

Who said flower crowns were only for adults? Not me... I love seeing littles kids wearing flower crowns!

flower crown birthday party

Look at this little cutie patootie! Her shirt and her smile say it all.

Alden from Maris Dehart

This is Alden, the owner of Maris Dehart boutique. Look at that little hand pump in the hair. I feel it lady! Flower crowns make you hand pump your hair, I know!

KC Double Take flower crowns

So this little girl made my night! She is the cutest, happiest little flower crown girl I have ever seen! Her Mom and her Mom's twin are the most adorable, chic ladies around to boot!

flower crown party

This is one chic family. Check out the lifestyle blog KC Double Take to follow these Charleston beauties on their adventures. You can find these chicks over on Instagram too.

flower crowns for girls

I feel like this image should win an award for cutest little rockstar loving her flower crown. I loved her so much I just gave her the flower crown.

jcrew flower crowns

See, isn't she the cutest? Little blogger in training...?

Flower crown parties

Aloha from these Charleston flower crown partiers!

Flower crown girl painting

Also, the coolest part (other than the flower crowns) was that there was this SUPER, DUPER talented artist there painting portraits on the spot! What an amazing idea for parties. Daniel Velasco can be found here on Instagram.

peony flower crowns

Look at these chicks! These two are wearing an all purple ranunculus flower crown and a pink peony flower crown.

pink flower crown

Peonies are the best. When you make peony flower crowns how can you not feel beautiful and not want to smile! 

purple flower crown

This girl loving her purple ranunculus flower crown.

dahlias flower crown

Okay and let's not forget this adorable family! Mom, grandma and daughter. What a riot! All ages appreciate a flower crown.

hot pink flower crown

She looks stunning in her light pink flowy top with the all pink flower crown on top!

flower crown bar

Thank you to everyone in Charleston who came by last night. I hope you loved the flower crown bar and flower crown photo booth props!

flower crown party

Whoever took this all yellow flower crown home, you are a lucky dog you! I love that one!

Make sure you tag yourselves with @FetesdeFleurs in your Instagram photos. We would love to see you flower crown partying around in your flower crowns. #LetsFlowerParty if our hashtag in general. Hope to flower party with you all soon.

If you are looking to host a flower party like this one you can reach out to me here and we can discuss options.

Request Flower Crown  Quote here. 



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