Fun, Fall Flowery DIY Activity: Flower Cat Ears HeadBand Making

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/3/17 12:37 PM

Fun, Fall Flowery DIY Activity: Flower Cat Ears HeadBand Making

Posted by Ali Powell on 10/3/17 12:37 PM
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I love headbands. I like kids headbands with ears. I have started bringing some cute floral cat ears to the bachelorette parties and giving them to the bride to be while she is making her flower crown for her bachelorette flower crown party. They are loving wearing them and think they are so cute and fun.

flower cat ears

With the fall leaves and fall weather I started thinking about fun, flowery fall activities we could do here at Fetes de Fleurs. I had bought some cat ear headbands on Amazon a while back so thought it would be fun to start whipping up some flower cat ear headbands for the younger girls this month.

Flower Cat ear headband DIY

Supplies and materials that you will need to make flower cat ear headbands:

1. A glue gun with glue sticks.

2. Cat ear headbands.

3. Smaller and bigger faux/silk flowers.

4. Wire cutter or scissors. I prefer wire cutters. :)

flower cat ear headband diy

How to DIY your own flower cat ear headbands:

Start by cutting the flowers off the stems.

You want to cut all the way up to the top of flower. Here is what it should look like. Make sure you cut the stem down all the way to the green part where the flower was attached to the stem. You should use wire cutters to do this as scissors will make it harder. If you don't have wire cutters you can buy some on Amazon or a local Hobby store.

floral cat ears DIY

Use your glue gun to attach flowers to the cat ears.

In this example I used 4 of the same little flowers to create the look I wanted. But, you can also use multiple kinds of flowers and sizes to attach to the cat ear headband.

You will want to put some glue on the back of the flower where you cut it off the stem and on the actual plastic on the headband itself. Then you will hold the flower there for like 30 seconds to make sure it has attached to the crown well.

flower cat ear headbands

Keep going and creating your design.

You might want to do both sides of the cat ears with flowers. Use similar flowers or the same flowers on the front and back. If you are going to attach flowers to the back side of the flower cat ear headband make sure you glue them to the flowers itself and the headband plastic again.

Just like that a creative goddess has been born!

Now go rock those flower cat ear headbands that you are so good at making.

flower crown cat ear DIY

If you don't want to make them yourself we are happy to make them for you and send them to you in the mail. We ship nationwide. We also make custom colors for these as well as use the flowers you would like. Send us an email at to request more information on a custom order. We also do boutique orders so if you get birthday parties, halloween shoppers, holiday shoppers, bachelorette parties at your shop please let us know and we can create some fun crowns for those kinds of buyers.

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 Hope you have fun creating your flower cat ear headbands. Tag #fetesdefleurs or #letsflowerparty on Instagram if you do make some so we can see your designs!


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