Bridal Headbands: Perfect for the Bride to Be on her Engagement Party, Bridal Shower or Wedding Celebrations

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/9/19 2:18 PM

Bridal Headbands: Perfect for the Bride to Be on her Engagement Party, Bridal Shower or Wedding Celebrations

Posted by Ali Powell on 1/9/19 2:18 PM
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OMG I cannot even fathom being a bride. I feel like it will for sure be the best day of my life. FLOWERS AND LOVE ALL AROUND> BRING IT ON. Just need to find the guy first. Okay, it will happen. But for the meantime I get to make really beautiful and fun things for you ladies to wear on your celebrations leading up to the big day. I love LOVE and love weddings so anytime I get to work on something around brides and weddings I am a HAPPY HAPPY LADY!

flower headbands

You all know that we are very into flower crowns. YES YES we love the flower crown, we love the bridal flower crown even more. What is cuter or more chic than a white floral crown? Well, I might have it for you... The Bridal Headband.

white floral headband

Think about this...the bride might not want to wear a full crown around her head due to hair reasons or whatever else. So this is the perfect option when you want to have a cute bridal hair accessory for a celebration leading up to your wedding date or part or your wedding events but don't want the full crown around your head.

white flower headbands

We have the floral headband, flower headband or bridal headband (whatever you want to call it).

We have been working full force ahead to get more and more options up on our floral accessories shop the Flower Crown bar (so make sure you check out our selection of flower crowns, floral headbands, flower earrings, etc there) whenever you have a reason to buy anything floral accessories related.

flower girl headband

We will keep adding in more options but you can always email us at with any customizations or personalized orders that you need. We would love to help make your wedding celebrations memorable with custom floral headbands for all your bridal needs or bridal party needs.

white floral headbands

Floral headbands are perfect for:

  • Bride to be on an engagement party.
  • Bride to be on her bridal shower.
  • Bride on her wedding day!
  • Bridesmaids can wear floral headbands as part of the wedding day look.
  • Bachelorette parties (all white floral headband for the bride to be and custom colored ones for the bachelorette group).
  • We of course think floral headbands are FINE to wear in general for any outfit so at least this will be something that you can wear after the wedding day comes and goes.
flower girl headbands

Here is the difference between a FLOWER CROWN and a FLORAL HEADBAND ladies. A flower crown will go all the way around your head. It is either completely connected in the back and you just pop it on your head OR you will tie a ribbon at the back of the flower crown to secure the crown to your head. The Floral headband or flower headband is on an actual headband. So you will use the floral headband the same way you would use a normal headband that you might wear. There will be no crown going around your whole head but you will still such a cute chic look for your bridal celebrations. And you can wear it again!

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